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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • The Opposite of Light

    The Opposite of Light

    By Kimberly Grey

    The Opposite of Light offers a momentary glimpse into the shards of a relationship that...

  • A Pillow Book

    A Pillow Book

    By Suzanne Buffam

    Awash in blunt humor and hazy renderings of the quotidian, A Pillow Book is a...

  • Archeophonics


    By Peter Gizzi

    Gizzi is always exacting with his line breaks and in this case uses them to...

  • My Fault

    My Fault

    By Leora Fridman

    Rather than search for absolution, Fridman writes into the complicity, into the fault....

  • The Division of Labor

    The Division of Labor

    By Dot Devota

    There is optimism in this book, but it is an optimism like none I’ve otherwise...

  • Bestiary


    By Donika Kelly

    Kelly’s sentimentality is distorted through trauma, but it is that distortion that draws us in...

  • Burn Lyrics

    Burn Lyrics

    By Benjamin Landry

    Landry has approached the art of erasure in reverse, so that something of the timeless,...

  • May Day

    May Day

    By Gretchen Marquette

    Marquette’s collection makes a compelling claim for the importance of honest and deeply personal expressions...

  • Spiritual Grave Year

    Spiritual Grave Year

    By Dan Magers

    Through humor and sincerity, stitched together with painfully lurid moments, Dan Magers provides “a vision...

  • The Field

    The Field

    By Robert Andrew Perez

    The casual can seem lax: as praise, “casual” can sound like a euphemism for “underdressed,”...

  • Wedding Pulls

    Wedding Pulls

    By J. K. Daniels

    Brimming with characters, the poems are not narrative but tightly sprung lyrics whose wording reveals...

  • Receipt


    By Karen Leona Anderson

    Her pacing is subdued and infectious, and it will get under your skin. These poems’...

  • Scorpyn Odes

    Scorpyn Odes

    By Laynie Browne

    Browne’s challenge to how our world is and whether we should continue to stay in...

  • Turning into Dwelling

    Turning into Dwelling

    By Christopher Gilbert

    Many of his poems don’t just push boundaries of time, place, race, and self, but...

  • Viability


    By Sarah Vap

    Vap layers and links words and contexts, highlighting how we are ultimately bound by the...

  • Solar Maximum

    Solar Maximum

    By Sueyeun Juliette Lee

    Reading these poems is to be gripped by the uncanny: they're strange and familiar....

  • Certain Magical Acts

    Certain Magical Acts

    By Alice Notley

    Enchanted and incantatory, the poems of Certain Magical Acts resist convention and protocol, as Notley’s...

  • Receipt


    By Karen Leona Anderson

    These poems are spring-loaded: by turns quirky, tough, and always clear-sighted....

  • The Primitive Observatory

    The Primitive Observatory

    By Gregory Kimbrell

    Brutal seasons, natural disasters, plagues, class conflicts, and wars torment isolated survivors. What will come...

  • Coherer


    By Alicia Cohen

    Alicia Cohen’s stunning third book of poetry explores the possibilities of writing as an act...

  • Selected Poems

    Selected Poems

    By Keith Waldrop

    This is a poetics of careful deliberation, aware that language is a container that experience...

  • Four Weathercocks

    Four Weathercocks

    By Cassandra Cleghorn

    If a work of art can be considered a solar system, it’s then governed by...