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    By David Mutschlecner

    Across the book, Mutschlecner cradles his layered world “in words that are naked,” in a...

  • Daybed


    By Zach Savich

    Savich’s own crisis may be characterized as one of alienation from the human, or the...

  • Dropping Death

    Dropping Death

    By Duane Esposito and Ralph Nazareth

    The very privacy of these poems is charged with a sense of another’s presence. In...

  • Buck Studies

    Buck Studies

    By Douglas Kearney

    Kearney keeps finding new ways to collage on the level of the sonic, semantic, visual,...

  • I will not kick my friends

    I will not kick my friends

    By Kathleen Winter

    Winter balances insight with compassion, and reaches for the ineffable with humility and courage, so...

  • Sleep Paralysis

    Sleep Paralysis

    By Kathy Goodkin

    Like the best ecopoetry of our age, Sleep Paralysis teaches us to pay attention to...

  • After We All Died

    After We All Died

    By Allison Cobb

    There’s no way around it, but there is a way. And that way is to...

  • Spleen Elegy

    Spleen Elegy

    By Jason Labbe

    Perhaps like all memories, particularly traumatic ones, the relationships between the lyric speaker and observable...

  • A Turkish Dictionary

    A Turkish Dictionary

    By Andrew Wessels

    Wessels continuously tries to overcome the problem of representation by projecting his images onto an...

  • I Know Your Kind

    I Know Your Kind

    By William Brewer

    Brewer investigates how drug use has ravaged a community and the lives of users, enablers,...

  • Service


    By Grant Souders

    Much of the difficulty in relating our perceptions of the world has to do with...

  • Phrasis


    By Wendy Xu

    Xu’s politics are more apparent than those of some other poets, adding satisfying layers to...

  • Marvels of the Invisible

    Marvels of the Invisible

    By Jenny Molberg

    Molberg refuses to parse the usual polarities of religion and the natural world. She seeks...

  • Silencer


    By Marcus Wicker

    He seems afraid that the world has become inured to the sickeningly steady stream of...

  • Cyclorama


    By Daneen Wardrop

    In her stunning new collection Cyclorama, Daneen Wardrop applies the unique artistic resources of poetry...

  • Watchful


    By Molly Bendall

    Bendall’s aesthetic of incompletion asserts that conventions of language make us incapable of seeing the...

  • The Absolute Letter

    The Absolute Letter

    By Andrew Joron

    ...reading through Joron’s volume is, à la Tanning’s painting, to confront one’s fundamental notions, linguistic...