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Current Issue: Spring 2024

Colorado Review Spring 2024


Book Reviews

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  • The Age of Doubt

    The Age of Doubt

    By Pak Kyongni (translated by Sophie Bowman, Anton Hur, Slin Jung, You Jeong Kim, Paige Aniyah Morris, Mattho Mandersloot, Emily Yae Won, and Dasom Yang)

    Trial and Error Who are we allowed to love? Who should we worship? How do...

  • Forgotten Night

    Forgotten Night

    By Rebecca Goodman

    “Words rained all around me,” states our narrator in a moment of loss, clarity, and...

  • Thirst & Surfeit

    Thirst & Surfeit

    By Elizabeth Robinson

    In Thirst & Surfeit, Elizabeth Robinson pressurizes language’s relationship to time, to history. In her...


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