About the Feature

Photo by Yoksel Zok on Unsplash

A daffodil. A blanket. A bike. A pink geode exploding with crystals. A pair of ducks paddling upstream. An oatmeal cookie made by a woman who has been making them for 70 years. A tender, young branch from an apple tree. A gift. An offering. A conch shell smooth as rain. A vial of holy water. A well-loved book full of well-loved story. The woman’s mother taught her how to make them, as she’d been taught as a girl. A pencil nub from a long-ago miniature golf game. A necklace with a locket with a photo inside. A ladybug circling the paths within my palm. A mug of coffee. A glass of wine. The woman has a birthmark on her wrist that looks like an oatmeal cookie, and she calls this God’s sense of humor. A new yellow sponge. A fistful of bubbles. A letter. An ice cube. The woman remembers her mother’s laugh. It has never once faded from her mind. An eyelash. A pinecone. A sweater that once belonged to someone else. A rubber ball. A basket. A spoon. A list of apologies, all of which are meant. A list of promises, all of which are kept.

About the Author

Alyse Knorr serves as an associate professor of English at Regis University, coeditor of Switchback Books, and coproducer of the Sweetbitter podcast. She is the author of four collections of poetry—most recently Ardor (Gasher Press, 2023)—and two video game histories—most recently GoldenEye 007 (Boss Fight Books, 2023).