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A Shared Stillness

Mar, 22 2021 | no responses

Photograph by Tiago Veloso I was a child when I learned from my father that his parents were once the tango champions of Zamboanga. I had never met them, and only knew what they looked like from pictures taken of their fiftieth wedding anniversary that my aunt Nancy had sent us from the Philippines in […]

Endangered Animals

Mar, 04 2021 | no responses

Photo by jan go I drove Harry from LA to Michigan the same August that California burned down. California burned every year, of course, and had all my life. Fire was one of the only seasons we had. But it was getting worse in a way we could see and sprawling out over the calendar. […]

Small Hours

Mar, 01 2021 | no responses

Photo by geir tønnessen This evening the sky above the horizon was a purple band but thin and unconvincing, like a bad belief and the ivy climbing the stone buildings was disconsolate and wouldn’t look at me. Disbelief can be astonishment or godlessness, depending and sometimes I feel good and sometimes there’s only a small […]

Walking at Night

Mar, 01 2021 | no responses

Photo by Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble  Remember: headlamps, worn to move through total darkness. We hit the road too late, by the time we pulled into the parking lot, twilight, then even less than that. New Hampshire winter, days done early. I liked being in dusk with you. An arrow of lamplight let me […]

Winter Lights: Three Scenes

Mar, 01 2021 | no responses

Photo by Christian Zeiser i. Vesper Leaving you to poke around the craft stalls I orbit the solar system maze, wander the icicle forest, the replica Houston skyline, disco the Technicolor floor with toddlers and carol around the fifty-foot tree. Before Jesus, the one from Rio with open arms, I stop to pray. At the […]

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