Photo by Emily Levine on Unsplash We had some money and we went to Rome. My husband had never been, and I’d just turned forty. It is not possible for me to write the name I called my husband. I don’t remember our endearments. My husband today—someone else—I call Sweetheart, but I didn’t use that […]

Debt Ritual: Gracious

Photo by Trinity Nyguyen on Unsplash how “gracious” means “large” at least with respect to houses and maybe also old or beautiful the first time I was in a house one might say this of it was a suburb of Boston in high school for the day with my friend while her mother taught Saturday […]

Ground Rules

Photo by Single.Earth on Unsplash It’s June and I turn and turn my wet leg in sleep, in hopes of making a poultice. There is so much to learn here, in this place where fire does the kind of good violence we need it to. Already I have taken to calling this valley floor peat, […]

Before the Small Machines

Photo by Maël Balland on Unsplash Before there were such small machines, there were augurs plying their trade in every paper. Dear Scorpio, they’d write, the stars are aligned for you this week, but be suspicious of promises of sudden wealth. I spent my dimes and quarters on candy, and was susceptible to flattery. I […]

The Red Flower

The Red Flower For Viviano Pérez Pérez Photo by Giulia May The smallest hummingbird will only survive on another island. Two wings of the same bird. I once found my most coveted bed on a rooftop that overlooked a guava tree in the barrio of music. My father’s first word was Spanish when my grandmother […]

The Crows

The Crows Photo by David Trinks I left out a bowl of rice dressed in violets and honey, unsure if it was offering or temptation. A crow appeared on my kitchen counter and ate it all. The next morning the crow returned with its flock, shades draping the shagbark, all of them chanting their own […]

Sweet Field Anemoia

Sweet Field Anemoia Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary ……………….anemoia (n.) — nostalgia for a time you’ve never known ……….coined by John Koenig in The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows   There was, at one time, an empty field. I’m sure of it. Or, was it a forest so jaded that a vine snake’s darting left only a […]

Deep River

Deep River Photo by Intricate Explorer I Minnie walks out along the lip of the falls. Halfway between the riverbanks she pauses and lets the cold water push against her feet and calves. The sun is sinking behind the mill upstream. The shadow spreads toward her like a blue solution poured into the current. (“I […]