The Red Flower

The Red Flower For Viviano Pérez Pérez Photo by Giulia May The smallest hummingbird will only survive on another island. Two wings of the same bird. I once found my most coveted bed on a rooftop that overlooked a guava tree in the barrio of music. My father’s first word was Spanish when my grandmother […]

The Crows

The Crows Photo by David Trinks I left out a bowl of rice dressed in violets and honey, unsure if it was offering or temptation. A crow appeared on my kitchen counter and ate it all. The next morning the crow returned with its flock, shades draping the shagbark, all of them chanting their own […]

Sweet Field Anemoia

Sweet Field Anemoia Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary ……………….anemoia (n.) — nostalgia for a time you’ve never known ……….coined by John Koenig in The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows   There was, at one time, an empty field. I’m sure of it. Or, was it a forest so jaded that a vine snake’s darting left only a […]

Deep River

Deep River Photo by Intricate Explorer I Minnie walks out along the lip of the falls. Halfway between the riverbanks she pauses and lets the cold water push against her feet and calves. The sun is sinking behind the mill upstream. The shadow spreads toward her like a blue solution poured into the current. (“I […]

Origin Story

Origin Story After Jenny Xie Photo by Yash Raut   I. Once, I was a field of lost lights: shivering fireflies, the last wink of my eye. Come the faceless grass called we have something cold & circular for you to touch. Where did my limbs go? They thought of a girl carrying my name […]

Studio Visit

Studio Visit Photo by Caleb Salomons    Paint over the sketch of train tracks in Toledo, Ohio, until the canvas is the ochre of cobblestones in Toledo, Spain. Paint over the cobblestones in Toledo, Spain, until an alley darkens with the crimson of an hour in Toledo, Ohio. Paint over the hour in Toledo, Ohio, […]

Manuél Sánchez. Gull.

Manuél Sánchez. Gull. San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico November 22, 1900 Photo by Hiva Sharifi  the shrieks of gulls arrive unbodied like the whoops of Taíno warriors soaring ahead …………of their arrows. what would they churn up from the depths with their frenzied …………net of laughter? your farewell gestures, your shirt’s white wrists draw the […]

Night Owls

Night Owls Winner of the 2022 Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction Selected by Ramona Ausubel Photo by Mathew Schwartz   Past dusk, Hom releases the squirrel. Huffing and delirious with pain from the BB shot embedded in a hind leg, it limps across the yard, seeking refuge in the shadowy expanse. Clouds disperse, unveiling a […]