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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Āina Hānau / Birth Land

    Āina Hānau / Birth Land

    By Brandy Nālani McDougall

    In the title poem of Āina Hānau / Birth Land, Brandy Nālani McDougall asks, “na...

  • Living Room

    Living Room

    By Laura Bylenok

    The 1977 educational film Powers of Ten begins with an aerial view of a couple...

  • Owlish


    By Dorothy Tse (Translated by Natascha Bruce)

    Professor Q is typical, in many ways, of the “modern protagonist”: so unfulfilled at work...

  • Brother Poem

    Brother Poem

    By Will Harris

    In Will Harris’s Brother Poem, the lines between reality and dreamscapes blur, and readers dwell...

  • Live in Suspense

    Live in Suspense

    By David Groff

    Midlife is a reckoning with our experience of time. The past seems impossibly far away....

  • Winter Stranger

    Winter Stranger

    By Jackson Holbert

    Jackson Holbert’s debut collection, Winter Stranger, winner of the Milkweed Editions 2022 Max Ritvo Poetry...

  • Piano in the Dark

    Piano in the Dark

    By Nancy Naomi Carlson

    Set during the wider context of the global pandemic and within the personal history of...

  • Shoot the Horses First

    Shoot the Horses First

    By Leah Angstman

    Orphan trains. Discovery of new moss species. Anti/love stories across race, ability, and socioeconomic class....

  • Because We Were Christian Girls

    Because We Were Christian Girls

    By Virgie Townsend

    The first time I read Virgie Townsend’s debut short story collection, Because We Were Christian...

  • Chariot


    By Timothy Donnelly

    Form and voice unite the lyrical menagerie of Chariot, Timothy Donnelly’s fourth collection of poetry....

  • Pretend It's My Body

    Pretend It’s My Body

    By Luke Dani Blue

    Luke Dani Blue’s debut collection Pretend It’s My Body: Stories places trans and queer people’s...

  • The Daughter of Man

    The Daughter of Man

    By L. J. Sysko

    Forgive me the spoiler, but L. J. Sysko’s debut poetry collection The Daughter of Man...

  • A Duration

    A Duration

    By Richard Meier

    It seems it’s been taking me longer and longer to complete these reviews lately, and...

  • Your Kingdom

    Your Kingdom

    By Eleni Sikelianos

    In her tenth book of poetry, Your Kingdom, Eleni Sikelianos offers an exploration of life’s...

  • Western Journeys

    Western Journeys

    By Teow Lim Goh

    Teow Lim Goh’s Western Journeys delves into the heart of what it means to be...

  • Her Scant State

    Her Scant State

    By Barbara Tomash

    Barbara Tomash’s new collection erases Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady. From the outset,...

  • Wave House

    Wave House

    By Elizabeth Arnold

    In her sixth book, Wave House, Elizabeth Arnold’s unpredictable poems mimic the incalculable movements of...