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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • April


    By Sara Nicholson

    April, it’s been written, is the cruelest month. By now, generations of undergraduates have been...

  • Vexations


    By Annelyse Gelman

    Annelyse Gelman’s newest book, Vexations, is formally modeled on Erik Satie’s piano composition of the...

  • 2 a.m. with Keats

    2 a.m. with Keats

    By Eileen Cleary

    There’s a certain irony in analyzing a work such as 2 a.m. with Keats in...

  • Pink Waves

    Pink Waves

    By Sawako Nakayasu

    I went a bit mad with Pink Waves, Sawako Nakayasu’s beautiful poem. Why? For several...

  • Paradise


    By Victoria Redel

    Victoria Redel delivers the harrowing exodus of her extended refugee family through the frame of...

  • Plans for Sentences

    Plans for Sentences

    By Renee Gladman

    When I am most stressed—when a concern hard and intractable churns, when a thought restless...

  • Seriously Well

    Seriously Well

    By Helge Torvund

    Helge Torvund’s Seriously Well is a case study in the complexity of simplicity, offering a...

  • Fates


    By Ann Pedone, Katherine Soniat, and D. M. Spitzer

    Myth and legend are such magnificent subjects, ripe with the potential for resonance with modern...

  • The Attending

    The Attending

    By Matthew Mumber

    Striding through the woods one autumn afternoon, with oak nuts falling, a red hawk sailing...

  • Swansdown


    By Donald Platt

    Swansdown is dedicated to the poet’s brother, Michael Platt, who died in 2018.  The collection...

  • Blood Snow

    Blood Snow

    By dg nanouk okpik

    In Blood Snow (Wave Books, 2022), dg nanouk okpik’s visionary pastorals mourn the melt, illness,...

  • Extinction Theory

    Extinction Theory

    By Kien Lam

    In Kien Lam’s slim but fruitful poetry collection Extinction Theory, readers discover intimate rationales regarding...

  • Some Alphabets

    Some Alphabets

    By John Latta

    How does language—with its rich histories, tonal registers, and lexicon—shape our understanding of ourselves and...



    By Katrina Roberts

    Few collections of poetry are as inventive, thoughtful, and playful as Katrina Roberts’s gorgeous sixth...

  • Rainbow Rainbow

    Rainbow Rainbow

    By Lydia Conklin

    Lydia Conklin’s Rainbow Rainbow, published in May of 2022 by Catapult, is a groundbreaking collection...

  • Customs


    By Solmaz Sharif

    Near the beginning of her new book of poetry, Solmaz Sharif employs a startling visual...