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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Further Adventures

    Further Adventures

    By Norman Finkelstein

    Norman Finkelstein’s Further Adventures is the last of a trilogy of collections centered around Pascal...

  • Negro Mountain

    Negro Mountain

    By C.S. Giscombe

    The titular Negro Mountain in C.S. Giscombe’s latest collection is, foremost, a real place: a...

  • The Book

    The Book

    By Mary Ruefle

    Flipping through a beautiful new collection of poetry to find that it is actually a...

  • The Dreams We Share

    The Dreams We Share

    By Raphael Block

    Raphael Block’s new collection, The Dreams We Share, is a work of sustained and reverent...

  • Tiny Extravaganzas

    Tiny Extravaganzas

    By Diane Mehta

    Diane Mehta’s Tiny Extravaganzas is an exploration of muses and isolation, and with references to...

  • The Upstate

    The Upstate

    By Lindsay Turner

    In a time of environmental and civic toxicity, Lindsay Turner attends to our flailing integrity...

  • Soft Apocalypse

    Soft Apocalypse

    By Leah Nieboer

    Leah Nieboer’s stunning debut collection of poems, Soft Apocalypse, captures the visceral experience of a...

  • Shy


    By Max Porter

    Shy is Max Porter’s fourth novel, after Grief is a Thing with Feathers and Lonny,...

  • Āina Hānau / Birth Land

    Āina Hānau / Birth Land

    By Brandy Nālani McDougall

    In the title poem of Āina Hānau / Birth Land, Brandy Nālani McDougall asks, “na...

  • Living Room

    Living Room

    By Laura Bylenok

    The 1977 educational film Powers of Ten begins with an aerial view of a couple...

  • Owlish


    By Dorothy Tse (Translated by Natascha Bruce)

    Professor Q is typical, in many ways, of the “modern protagonist”: so unfulfilled at work...

  • Brother Poem

    Brother Poem

    By Will Harris

    In Will Harris’s Brother Poem, the lines between reality and dreamscapes blur, and readers dwell...

  • Live in Suspense

    Live in Suspense

    By David Groff

    Midlife is a reckoning with our experience of time. The past seems impossibly far away....

  • Winter Stranger

    Winter Stranger

    By Jackson Holbert

    Jackson Holbert’s debut collection, Winter Stranger, winner of the Milkweed Editions 2022 Max Ritvo Poetry...

  • Piano in the Dark

    Piano in the Dark

    By Nancy Naomi Carlson

    Set during the wider context of the global pandemic and within the personal history of...