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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Homesickness


    By Colin Barrett

    The Irish writer Colin Barrett’s second story collection, Homesickness, contains memorable portraits of characters who...

  • On Hysteria

    On Hysteria

    By Nancy Kuhl

    Nancy Kuhl’s On Hysteria doubts and criticizes the idea of cohesiveness—of opinions, memories, and even...

  • Breakpoint


    By Betsy Aoki

    While reading Betsy Aoki’s “techno-lit” poetry collection Breakpoint, my mind kept returning to a specific...

  • The Forgotten World

    The Forgotten World

    By Nick Courtright

    The Forgotten World, Nick Courtright’s engrossing and multilayered third poetry collection, features the poet’s pre-pandemic,...

  • Anchor


    By Rebecca Aronson

    Rebecca Aronson’s Anchor provides consistent reminders of what it means to be part of a...

  • XO


    By Sara Rauch

    The prolific French novelist and memoirist Annie Ernaux opens Simple Passion—a slim autobiographical novel narrating...

  • It Must Be a Misunderstanding

    It Must Be a Misunderstanding

    By Coral Bracho (translated by Forrest Gander)

    For the past few years, I’ve watched my father’s steady decline as he’s suffered from...

  • fretwork


    By Michele Glazer

    In her intimate collection fretwork, Michele Glazer creates an expansive elegy that views loss from...

  • Questions From Outer Space

    Questions From Outer Space

    By Diane Thiel

    Questions From Outer Space is about coming to terms with humanity’s destructive choices and orienting...

  • Wild Kingdom

    Wild Kingdom

    By Jehanne Dubrow


  • Pocket Universe

    Pocket Universe

    By Nancy Reddy

    Nancy Reddy’s Pocket Universe is a tender and expansive poetry collection on new motherhood. Following...

  • Irredenta


    By Oscar Oswald

    Tucked between descriptions of the close combat occurring throughout major Ukrainian cities and the very...

  • Genghis Chan on Drums

    Genghis Chan on Drums

    By John Yau

    Whenever I read John Yau’s poetry or fiction, I am reminded of Johannes Gӧransson’s “foreigner,”...

  • Trickster Academy

    Trickster Academy

    By Jenny L. Davis

    With a wry humor that softens reality’s hard edges, the poems in Jenny L. Davis’s...

  • Asylum


    By Nina Shope

    Asylum is novelist Nina Shope’s disturbing and complex story of how men control women’s bodies...