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Three Prize-Winning Short Story Collections of 2019

Apr, 01 2020 | no responses

Based on some similarities between the books and the characters’ concerns, it’s tempting to draw general conclusions about the state of women in fiction, but the most obvious similarity among these books is that their women—flawed, funny, smart, and brave—won’t stand for your generalizations.

The Gone Dead

Feb, 25 2020 | no responses

Even with the harsh realities presented in the novel, there is a love of place for those who fight against racial violence or try to live benevolently within it. With its gripping mystery set alongside a beautiful rendering of what home means, The Gone Dead has wide appeal.


Feb, 24 2020 | no responses

Meanwhile, Englehardt expertly traces Eli’s path from the little boy who can’t cope with his mother’s accidental death to the disaffected youth who enacts pain on others for no real reason other than that he has the power to. This path, in its crudest form, becomes the mythos of Eli the mass murderer—the story that the media tells about a troubled young man deformed by grief.


Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Tamaki Sono In the second week of medical school, we’re given cadavers. We name ours Aberforth, and I tell myself I’m prepared as I’ll ever be. The classroom is underground. The halogen-lit air fills with the smell of formaldehyde and other chemicals I don’t know the names of. “I know you’ve all been […]

At the Gate of All Wonder

Feb, 04 2020 | no responses

The story itself belongs to narrator Samantha Peabody. Samantha Peabody, as she sometimes refers to herself, is an eighty-year-old bioacoustician, who has been living alone in the Pisgah for twelve years.

A Forgotten Evil

Jan, 29 2020 | no responses

Russell convincingly conveys the gory conflicts, the injustice felt by Native Americans and their acts of retaliation, and the assault on Washita River, one of the bloodiest in frontier history, making A Forgotten Evil a compelling, moving story that will linger in the memory.

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