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Sybelia Drive

Apr, 08 2021 | no responses

The approach feels organic, echoing the experience of families receiving letters from Vietnam “in lots of three or more.” The missives are read “straight through and out of order.”

Site Fidelity: Stories

Apr, 05 2021 | no responses

Boyles has written stories of surprising range, while maintaining a focus on how human beings—particularly men—are imperiling our planet through careless exploitation and short-term economic goals.

The Leave-Takers

Mar, 17 2021 | no responses

Laynie Jackman darts across the country “taking leave of the dead” by dispersing the belongings of lost loved ones.

Endangered Animals

Mar, 04 2021 | no responses

Photo by jan go I drove Harry from LA to Michigan the same August that California burned down. California burned every year, of course, and had all my life. Fire was one of the only seasons we had. But it was getting worse in a way we could see and sprawling out over the calendar. […]


Feb, 18 2021 | no responses

Upon discovering his dead twin, Stewart decides to dispose of the body and appropriate Brock’s identity. What could go wrong?

Barn 8

Feb, 04 2021 | no responses

They aim to free chickens from imprisonment in factory farms, in order to give poultry a chance to be themselves, to live free, and to become a hale, post-apocalyptic species.

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