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The Center for Literary Publishing dynamically partners with writers to bring exceptionally written and published fiction, poetry, and nonfiction to readers through a variety of platforms—notably, Colorado Review and CLP books. Training and cultivating the publishing professionals of tomorrow, the CLP invites graduate student interns to participate in every aspect of the publication process.

Home of Colorado Review, the Colorado Prize for Poetry, the Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction, and the Mountain West Poetry Series, the CLP was established in 1992 as part of the English Department at Colorado State University.


Center for Literary Publishing &
Colorado Review Staff

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  • Lauren Furman

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  • Hannah Barnhart
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  • Patrick Carey
  • C Culbertson
  • JV Genova
  • Heather Gutekunst
  • Megan Lear
  • Eliana Meyer
  • Mike Moening
  • Nicole Piasecki
  • Ross Reagan
  • Lilia Shrayfer
  • Michael Todd
  • Alec Witthohn


  • Sunset Combs
  • Carolina Bucheli Penafiel
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  • Laura Roth


  • Charles Baxter
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  • Felicia Zamora


  • R. Collins (“Jay Pell”)
  • John Lewis
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  • Peter Reardon
  • Charles Robinson
  • Nicholas Crome
  • Wayne Ude
  • William Tremblay
  • David Milofsky

Social Media Manager

  • Alec Witthohn

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  • C Culbertson
  • Lilia Shrayfer

Graduate Student Internship

Interns reading submissions

The Center for Literary Publishing offers graduate students in the English Department at Colorado State University the opportunity to assist in the operations of a small literary press.

Each year the Center publishes three issues of the literary journal Colorado Review and three single-author collections of poetry. The Center also runs two national creative writing contests: the Colorado Prize for Poetry and the Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction.

Interns serve as readers for thousands of submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction the Center receives every academic year. Interns also have opportunities to copyedit, proofread, and typeset manuscripts; learn about book design and production; help with fundraising and grantwriting; and get involved in social media and marketing campaigns. The internship provides an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills while working toward a degree. The Center is also a great place to get to know other graduate students in the English Department.

Graduate students may register for 1 to 5 internship credits. The expectation (per department guidelines) is that during the semester each intern will work 40 hours for each registered credit, which works out to 3 hours a week for one credit, 6 for two credits, 9 for three credits, and so on. Interns must maintain regularly scheduled office hours. Occasionally, however, there are special projects that require extra time, so a certain amount of flexibility is expected.

If you are a graduate student in the English Department at CSU and are interested in pursuing an internship at the Center for Literary Publishing, contact Stephanie G’Schwind, director and editor, to find out if space is available. If you have any questions about the internship, please contact Stephanie G’Schwind: 1301 S. College Ave., (970) 491-5449, or Stephanie.Gschwind@colostate.edu.