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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Naming the Wind

    Naming the Wind

    By Steven Rood

    In Steven Rood’s brave and lyrical debut collection, Naming the Wind, the quixotic project of...

  • The Air in the Air Behind It

    The Air in the Air Behind It

    By Brandon Rushton

    Though in his judge’s citation Bin Ramke calls Brandon Rushton’s Berkshire-Prize-winning, debut collection of poems,...

  • Through a Grainy Landscape

    Through a Grainy Landscape

    By Millicent Borges Accardi

    The nature of longing permeates Millicent Borges Accardi’s most recent collection, Through a Grainy Landscape,...

  • The Judas Ear

    The Judas Ear

    By Anna Journey

    Anna Journey’s poems are bravura acts of sometimes goofy joy framed by a sense of...

  • tender gravity

    tender gravity

    By Marybeth Holleman

    Though Marybeth Holleman is the author of several nonfiction books centering around environmental issues and...

  • Goldenrod


    By Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith’s most recent poetry collection, Goldenrod, is a reassuring light that examines the ordinary...

  • Reverse Engineer

    Reverse Engineer

    By Kate Colby

    Kate Colby’s ninth book, Reverse Engineer, meditates on questions of knowledge and everyday experience, embedding...

  • The Real World

    The Real World

    By Emma Winsor Wood

    I’ll begin my review with this somewhat embarrassing disclosure: In recent years, I’ve been basically...

  • The Lookout Man

    The Lookout Man

    By Stuart Dischell

    With a haunting nostalgia that wrestles the past into the present, Stuart Dischell’s The Lookout...

  • Finalists


    By Rae Armantrout

    Rae Armantrout writes with succinct brilliance about immense subjects such as time and the forces...

  • Rational Anthem

    Rational Anthem

    By Casey Thayer

    Casey Thayer’s latest collection, Rational Anthem, is a meditation on American patriotism and the particular...

  • banana [ ]

    banana [ ]

    By Paul Hlava Ceballos

    Paul Hlava Ceballos’s debut poetry collection banana [ ] was selected by Ilya Kaminsky as...

  • We Are Mermaids

    We Are Mermaids

    By Stephanie Burt

    Stephanie Burt’s newest collection, We Are Mermaids, is a time capsule of girlhood, a transfiguration...

  • On Hysteria

    On Hysteria

    By Nancy Kuhl

    Nancy Kuhl’s On Hysteria doubts and criticizes the idea of cohesiveness—of opinions, memories, and even...

  • Breakpoint


    By Betsy Aoki

    While reading Betsy Aoki’s “techno-lit” poetry collection Breakpoint, my mind kept returning to a specific...

  • The Forgotten World

    The Forgotten World

    By Nick Courtright

    The Forgotten World, Nick Courtright’s engrossing and multilayered third poetry collection, features the poet’s pre-pandemic,...

  • Anchor


    By Rebecca Aronson

    Rebecca Aronson’s Anchor provides consistent reminders of what it means to be part of a...

  • It Must Be a Misunderstanding

    It Must Be a Misunderstanding

    By Coral Bracho (translated by Forrest Gander)

    For the past few years, I’ve watched my father’s steady decline as he’s suffered from...

  • fretwork


    By Michele Glazer

    In her intimate collection fretwork, Michele Glazer creates an expansive elegy that views loss from...