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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Hesitancies


    By Sanjeev Sethi

    Sanjeev Sethi is a mature and conscious poet—rare qualities among writers of contemporary Indian-English poetry....

  • The Whole Picture Show

    The Whole Picture Show

    By Arthur McMaster

    Arthur McMaster’s The Whole Picture Show offers a breathtakingly beautiful portrait of everyday life. As...

  • Noise Cancellation

    Noise Cancellation

    By Jhilam Chattaraj

    Noise and signal are parts of the same phenomenon, but signal is the information the...

  • Vibratory Milieu

    Vibratory Milieu

    By Carrie Hunter

    In the “Notes” to Vibratory Milieu, Carrie Hunter describes the book as a work of...

  • Ghost Tracks

    Ghost Tracks

    By Sneha Subramanian Kanta

    “A wound is a place of burial. . . Call the wound a language.” At...

  • Her Read: A Graphic Poem

    Her Read: A Graphic Poem

    By Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

    Our expectations about what a book is and might contain are constantly evolving. In our...

  • Moth Funerals

    Moth Funerals

    By Gaia Rajan

    Gaja Rajan writes in the first poem of Moth Funerals, “You’ve heard this one before,”...

  • Imagine Us, The Swarm

    Imagine Us, The Swarm

    By Muriel Leung

    Muriel Leung’s powerful second book is divided into seven parts, each of which are formally...

  • Cry Baby Mystic

    Cry Baby Mystic

    By Daniel Tiffany

    Daniel Tiffany’s new book wears a sandpaper shirt, the title marked in black crayon, smeared....

  • Asked What Has Changed

    Asked What Has Changed

    By Ed Roberson

    These poems imbued with issues of climate and racial justice bristle with sound, word play,...

  • Pilgrim Bell

    Pilgrim Bell

    By Kaveh Akbar

    Akbar invites his audience to read between the lines and find his shadow story—the truth...

  • Bone Rosary

    Bone Rosary

    By Thomas Lynch

    From his perch of eyewitness, Lynch presents to the literary canon his deeply considered treatise...

  • Art in Time

    Art in Time

    By Cole Swensen

    I stamp my foot in applause, write notes on the pages, distribute my thoughts; Swensen...

  • Shrapnel Maps

    Shrapnel Maps

    By Philip Metres

    I wasn’t raised to trust or believe in chance. I was raised to believe nothing...

  • Now It’s Dark

    Now It’s Dark

    By Peter Gizzi

    Written in a time of loss and disaffection, the fatigue in these poems is insidious....

  • Dunce


    By Mary Ruefle

    The poems of Mary Ruefle have often felt like delightful puzzles: slippery, full of surprise,...

  • Atomizer


    By Elizabeth A. I. Powell

    Scent evokes memory. Such strong associations with smell have prompted perfumes, the pinnacle of scent,...

  • Things That Go

    Things That Go

    By Laura Eve Engel

    When disasters fly by faster than billboards, how are we to bear witness to them?...

  • The Melancholy of Anatomy

    The Melancholy of Anatomy

    By Martin Corless-Smith

    There’s a sense in The Melancholy of Anatomy that the grave intellect monitoring the process...

  • Pine


    By Julia Koets

    Koets’s robust emotional range and delicate intimacy are reminiscent of Anne Carson’s translations of Sappho....