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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine

    Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine

    By Nick Francis Potter

    I recently discovered the pendulum wave. Much like Newton’s famous cradle, the pendulum wave involves...

  • Vapor


    By Sara Eliza Johnson

    Reading Sara Eliza Johnson’s second collection of poetry, Vapor, evokes a feeling similar to lying...

  • Almost Obscene

    Almost Obscene

    By Raúl Gómez Jattin (translated by Katherine M. Hedeen and Olivia Lott)

    “I WAS LIKE WEED but they didn’t smoke me” This is the opening poem from...

  • A Thousand Curves

    A Thousand Curves

    By Paul Nemser

    A man of a certain age greets the morning and considers ruefully the passing of...

  • Blessing the Exoskeleton

    Blessing the Exoskeleton

    By Andrew Hemmert

    Part individual plea, part millennial manifesto, Andrew Hemmert’s Blessing the Exoskeleton combines displacement, homesickness, and...

  • The New Gods

    The New Gods

    By William O'Daly

    William O’Daly is known as one of the preeminent translators of the poetry of Pablo...

  • Raven's Echo

    Raven’s Echo

    By Robert David Hoffman

    The pleasure of writing a book review is, for me, found in the deeper level...

  • The Face of the Quartzes

    The Face of the Quartzes

    By Chus Pato (translated by Erín Moure)

    The poems in Chus Pato’s The Face of the Quartzes, as translated from Galician into...

  • The Symmetry of Fish

    The Symmetry of Fish

    By Su Cho

    In Su Cho’s moving debut, The Symmetry of Fish, language, culture, and family form a...

  • Figment


    By Leila Chatti

    “I saw you shadow of / a shadow / maybe I thought / I made...

  • Book of the Cold

    Book of the Cold

    By Antonio Gamoneda (translated by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez)

    Given the social unrest that has occurred over the past few years, it seems, at...

  • Bloomer


    By Jessica Hincapie

    How does a poet write down their journey of personal maturity in rendered honesty? That’s...

  • This Afterlife

    This Afterlife

    By A. E. Stallings

    Though I don’t follow sports in general, I never miss the Olympics. Each Olympic sport...

  • Yearn


    By Rage Hezekiah

    Rage Hezekiah’s latest collection, Yearn—a winner of the 2021 Diode Editions Book Contest—is so sensuous...

  • Dogged


    By Stacy Gnall

    Dogged, by Stacy Gnall, is a collection of poems that explores the relationship between the...

  • Earthborn


    By Carl Dennis

    Paul Klee once described drawing as “taking a line out for a walk.” Carl Dennis...

  • Blood Lines

    Blood Lines

    By Ann Bookman

    Ann Bookman’s first full-length poetry book, Blood Lines, chronicles the anthropologist author’s search to find...

  • Border Vista

    Border Vista

    By Anni Liu

    Imagine waking from a dream. You remember where you lived and the language you spoke,...