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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Habitat Threshold

    Habitat Threshold

    By Craig Santos Perez

    As poets­­­­—non-journalists—we are frequently caught between conflicting expectations for our art. We are told not...

  • All the Great Territories

    All the Great Territories

    By Matthew Wimberley

    In the beginning, Wimberley struggles to mourn the loss of home, father, and country. And...

  • Cage of Lit Glass

    Cage of Lit Glass

    By Charles Kell

    These poems illuminate the seemingly endless cycles of violence that perpetuate government-sanctioned surveillance and incarceration,...

  • Repetition Nineteen

    Repetition Nineteen

    By Mónica de la Torre

    By presenting the reader with twenty-five different translations of the same poem—which deliberately raises questions...

  • Tracing the Horse

    Tracing the Horse

    By Diana Marie Delgado

    What does it mean to be herself in this Mexican-American culture? The last section moves...

  • Ravage & Snare

    Ravage & Snare

    By Matthew Carey Salyer

    The poems are muscular with allusion and wordplay, citing sources diverse as Old English poems...

  • We Fell into Weather

    We Fell into Weather

    By Alexandra Mattraw

    It’s no secret that the world is changing radically; from massive (and righteous) civil unrest...

  • Grief Sequence

    Grief Sequence

    By Prageeta Sharma

    In Prageeta Sharma’s collection of poems, her husband’s sudden death makes vivid their emotional and...

  • You Are Still Alive

    You Are Still Alive

    By William Stobb

    Rather than this dissipating energy, however, Stobb uses the material to perform serious, nearly Buddhist...

  • Ensō


    By Shin Yu Pai

    The book’s title, the Buddhist circle, is shaped by the first and last poems which...

  • The Clearing

    The Clearing

    By Allison Adair

    Despite being caught in the eddies of loss, returning in memory and emotion to past...

  • Fur Not Light

    Fur Not Light

    By Jeff Alessandrelli

    The strength of these impossible-to-summarize poems and the disorder of any narrative is in the...

  • Quivira


    By Karen Kevorkian

    The collection is wonderfully complex in its work towards uncovering un-simplified truths within the near-constant...

  • The River Twice

    The River Twice

    By Kathleen Graber

    Kathleen Graber’s The River Twice troubles the distinction between past and present. Rather than eschew...

  • Earth


    By Hannah Brooks-Motl

    In its contradictions and awareness of those contradictions, in its ability to project back a...

  • Utopia Pipe Dream Memory

    Utopia Pipe Dream Memory

    By Anna Gurton-Wachter

    Refusing to be confined by the limits of narrative genre and form, she nevertheless exploits...

  • Hear Trains

    Hear Trains

    By Caroline Knox

    While these poems share approaches, their larger effect is to sketch the history of civilization...

  • Flourish


    By Dora Malech

    In a startling and invigorating way, each of the following poems is another party game...

  • Shimmer


    By Mark Irwin

    The speaker mourns his mother while she lives and after she dies; he writes about...