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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • My Husband Would

    My Husband Would

    By Benjamin S. Grossberg

    There is no shortage of wonder and love in this collection, despite the omnipresence of...

  • One Less River

    One Less River

    By Terry Blackhawk

    One Less River [is] a collection that rewards us over and again for joining its...

  • Not for Luck

    Not for Luck

    By Derek Sheffield

    Sheffield is emotionally present without sentimentality or clever guile. He offers us a gift of...

  • The Best Prey

    The Best Prey

    By Paige Quiñones

    Quiñones situates desire as the fluxing heart of the collection and imbues its hunger with...

  • We the Jury

    We the Jury

    By Wayne Miller

    Creating sympathy is the poet’s role, and learning to sympathize is our only salvation....

  • wyrd] bird

    wyrd] bird

    By Claire Marie Stancek

    Stancek opens a dialectic between the speaker and mystic Hildegard of Bingen that will surface,...

  • The Earliest Witnesses

    The Earliest Witnesses

    By G.C. Waldrep

    These poems teach us about the sacrilege and sacraments of ingestion, the body our only...

  • original kink

    original kink

    By Jubi Arriola-Headley

    What is it to write according to a socially engaged poetics, to demand of one’s...

  • Rough Song

    Rough Song

    By Blanca Varela

    Rough Song represents the first English translation of Blanca Varela, a major figure in twentieth-century...

  • Sense Violence

    Sense Violence

    By Helena Boberg

    The Swedish title of Helena Boberg’s second collection, Sinnesvåld (translated as Sense Violence by Johannes...

  • Empire


    By Tracy Zeman

    Empire is “a shattered sequence” that dismantles settler logic and the ideological underpinnings of manifest...

  • Scar


    By Bruce Bond

    There is an artistic paradox here: wherever a scar forms, nothing else can grow....

  • Sisyphusina


    By Shira Dentz

    Proximity is often a necessary discussion tool for intimacy. Not that there is a prerequisite...

  • Rain in Plural

    Rain in Plural

    By Fiona Sze-Lorrain

    Poetry is engaged to dreams or a dream-state, and the surprising word-choices shift us into...

  • Same Faces

    Same Faces

    By Albert Mobilio

    The twist of the shortest word in a line of the longest poem acts as...

  • Hot with the Bad Things

    Hot with the Bad Things

    By Lucia LoTempio

    Grieving violence creates a kind of horrific palimpsest of how the public choruses events....

  • Paper Bells

    Paper Bells

    By Phan Nhiên Hạo

    Awash with wandering loneliness, Phan’s lines vacillate from contemplative to biting, economical to allegorical...

  • The Fire Eater

    The Fire Eater

    By Jose Hernandez Diaz

    Herein lies the beauty of Hernandez Diaz’s poetry: what is real is up for grabs,...