Study of the Raft

Forthcoming November 2021 Available for pre-order here Winner of the 2021 Colorado Prize for Poetry, selected by Sherwin Bitsui In Study of the Raft, Leonora Simonovis’s poems weave the outer world of a failed political revolution in her native country, Venezuela, with an inner journey into the memories of migration and exile, of a home […]

No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man

Tobias Wray’s debut poetry collection, No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man, adapts its title from mathematician Alan Turing’s 1952 letter written just before pleading guilty to “homosexual acts” which were still punishable by imprisonment or chemical castration at the time (and were only decriminalized in 1967—amended in the year 2000 to be equivalent […]

Imagine Us, The Swarm

Muriel Leung’s powerful second book is divided into seven parts, each of which are formally and thematically distinct from one another, but which, like a swarm, share the same directionality, hunger, and capacity for flight. And, in fact, each section might be read as an experimental investigation of how different genres can engage variously with […]

Cry Baby Mystic

Daniel Tiffany’s new book wears a sandpaper shirt, the title marked in black crayon, smeared. The stanzas on the page look like a row of lying-down Christmas trees waiting to get burned. During my first reading, at about page thirty-four, I was elsewhere, stopping to say, “I’m in a grotto!” because for me the dwelling […]