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Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers

Jul, 22 2019 | no responses

Charting this particular topography of the down-and-out, Freure picks up the flip side of success and examines it through the specific locality of Montreal.

The Avalanche Path in Summer

Jul, 18 2019 | no responses

The arc of the book is one spent living in and thinking about mountains where the landscape is mapped in drawings, traced through walks, experienced through pain, defined in books, and remembered with past companions—human and animal.

Controlled Burning

Jul, 16 2019 | no responses

What I call my good intentions get the best of me. / During week two of the semester I have students // place an asterisk each time shame shows up / in the excerpt of a memoir whose author’s take // on affirmative action & bilingualism I take for / internalized whitewashing.

As the Stars Burrow against My Ribs

Jul, 16 2019 | no responses

I elegy. This bright morning unsayable / as the sentence of the woman who died / in daylight as her children climbed her still / body in a hospital bed.

Dream Obituary

Jul, 16 2019 | no responses

My mother came to me last night. // Holding my youngest brother, / the ends of her body had disappeared.


Jul, 16 2019 | no responses

Change is inevitable and Sengupta himself sets out as a wandering minstrel to bring out the inner psyche within the poetic canvas. His poems, vibrant with an insatiable zest for life, give readers a healing touch, silence plays the flute, and readers plunge into “solitary stillness” where poetry pervades.

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