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Dears, Beloveds

Oct, 29 2020 | no responses

Eighteenth in the Mountain/West Poetry Series, edited by Stephanie G’Schwind, Kazim Ali, Dan Beachy-Quick, Camille T. Dungy & Donald Revell “In Dears, Beloveds Kevin Phan has found a way, in form and rhythm, to reach into the ancient recesses of our imagination and to place what he finds there next to yesterday’s headlines. He provides […]

Night Burial

Oct, 29 2020 | no responses

Winner of the 2020 Colorado Prize for Poetry “Night Burial is a graceful and searing debut from a keen lyric intelligence. In poems that move, ecstatically, across the materials of grief song, hagiography, sacred ritual, visual art, and liturgy, Night Burial mourns a lost mother and forges astonishing new language for tracing the contours of monumental sorrow. These […]

The Voice of Sheila Chandra

Oct, 15 2020 | no responses

Ali strives to throw words out to the cosmos with the velocity of an electron.

Ajar To The Night

Oct, 12 2020 | no responses

The book ajar, we witness ourselves becoming somewhat else. Ajar To The Night, we slip into the ink—the skin of voice. The voice that whispers, sings, instructs, returns, in Autumn Richardson’s new book of poems is one that witnesses its own transformations in the earth. The fluid subject addresses those living forces that alter us […]

Thrown in the Throat

Oct, 05 2020 | no responses

Garcia’s “throat is [a] throne,” a poetics of reclamation and sensual pleasure. Yield to and rejoice in this ferocious, life-affirming voice.

Rift Zone

Sep, 29 2020 | no responses

Evidence of rift is everywhere, and yet these poems look not just to ruin but to reassembly.

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