The Corrected Version

This debut collection is a fascinating study in form and a powerful meditation on family. Rosanna Young Oh grew up just miles from where I have lived most of my life, but a world away. I probably purchased food in her parents’ market but likely did not see them. Their invisibility is part of the […]

Night Logic

Matthew Gellman’s Night Logic emerges at a time when states like Florida are going to great lengths to silence and censor LGBTQ+ voices. Brief yet exquisite, its poems portray a family riddled by loss and a young son questioning not only his family role but also his sexuality. Packed with coming-of-age awareness and a desire […]


The many doors within Ann Lauterbach’s dazzling eleventh volume, Door (Penguin, 2023), open onto mythic dreamscapes and echoic worlds of vibrant sound. Seven poems in the volume share the name “DOOR,” and almost every page returns to this image, as though knocking and knocking at the various available meanings that could open. In a conversation […]

Four in Hand

A four-in-hand is a vehicle drawn by four horses and driven by one person. The term, however, also refers to one of the simplest methods for tying a necktie. This narrow and slightly asymmetrical knot can be completed in four quick steps to transform a casual outfit into one suitable for formalities. In either case, […]

Flare, Corona

In 2020, amidst devastating wildfires and insurrections and a pandemic, we all seemed to collectively agree that we were living through the end of the world (or to quote an internet meme and the title of one of these poems, “This Is the Darkest Timeline”). But isn’t someone’s world always ending somewhere? The poems in […]

the luxury

In his ecopoetic collection the luxury, Darren C. Demaree draws upon the four classical elements of water, air, fire, and earth to connect their associative power to the mutable and erratic nature of our contemporary natural world. Formally structured as a series of untitled poems comprised of three linked tercets, this collection juxtaposes human perception […]

adjacent islands

In Nicole Cecilia Delgado’s elegant, bilingual collection adjacent islands, readers discover a minimalist world where the sparsity of the languages is key to connecting with nature. Readers are also privy to correspondence between the author and the translator. In this correspondence, the translator offers an insight into the collection’s true essence—how it “tackles the untranslatability […]

Pink Noise

Midway through Pink Noise, Kevin Holden’s second full-length collection, there appears what one might take as a statement of method: What if it were all abstraction but I had put a page within the cover not a frontispiece but in its place what if I had put as the second or third page before the […]

Debt Ritual: Gracious

Photo by Trinity Nyguyen on Unsplash how “gracious” means “large” at least with respect to houses and maybe also old or beautiful the first time I was in a house one might say this of it was a suburb of Boston in high school for the day with my friend while her mother taught Saturday […]