Stronger Than Fear: Poems of Empowerment, Compassion, and Social Justice

Stronger Than Fear: Poems of Empowerment, Compassion, and Social Justice is not so much a poetry compilation as it is a much-needed, staggering intake of fresh air after the world held its breath in isolation, sickness, and uncertainty during a global pandemic; after our nation emptied its lungs in violent dissent during a calamitous presidential […]

Naming the Wind

In Steven Rood’s brave and lyrical debut collection, Naming the Wind, the quixotic project of naming the wind is a metaphor for how we struggle to make sense of what is beyond our control. This is the work of a mature poet, one who makes the details of everyday life luminous and gives meaning to […]

The Air in the Air Behind It

Though in his judge’s citation Bin Ramke calls Brandon Rushton’s Berkshire-Prize-winning, debut collection of poems, The Air in the Air Behind It, “a book of consolations,” I would argue it is a book of desolations, written in a distinctly millennial voice. Clear-eyed, etched, and hard as granite, these poems catalog a kaleidoscopic array of characters […]

Through a Grainy Landscape

The nature of longing permeates Millicent Borges Accardi’s most recent collection, Through a Grainy Landscape, with poems that seek to understand the world through the pasts, presents, and futures considered by the poet herself and by immigrant families establishing their place in a new home while missing the firm footing of the homes they left […]

The Judas Ear

Anna Journey’s poems are bravura acts of sometimes goofy joy framed by a sense of mortality, the legacy of the Covid years, and also an acute physical awareness that the bodies we inhabit will betray us. The body is oddly imaged in the book’s first poem, “The Judas Ear,” a fairly literal retelling of stir-fry […]

tender gravity

Though Marybeth Holleman is the author of several nonfiction books centering around environmental issues and her chosen home of Alaska, tender gravity is her debut collection of poetry. Its title is drawn from its opening poem, “The Beating Heart, Minus Gravity,” wherein the speaker experiences a dream, or perhaps a nightmare, of “diving / to […]

Origin Story

Origin Story After Jenny Xie Photo by Yash Raut   I. Once, I was a field of lost lights: shivering fireflies, the last wink of my eye. Come the faceless grass called we have something cold & circular for you to touch. Where did my limbs go? They thought of a girl carrying my name […]

Studio Visit

Studio Visit Photo by Caleb Salomons    Paint over the sketch of train tracks in Toledo, Ohio, until the canvas is the ochre of cobblestones in Toledo, Spain. Paint over the cobblestones in Toledo, Spain, until an alley darkens with the crimson of an hour in Toledo, Ohio. Paint over the hour in Toledo, Ohio, […]

Manuél Sánchez. Gull.

Manuél Sánchez. Gull. San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico November 22, 1900 Photo by Hiva Sharifi  the shrieks of gulls arrive unbodied like the whoops of Taíno warriors soaring ahead …………of their arrows. what would they churn up from the depths with their frenzied …………net of laughter? your farewell gestures, your shirt’s white wrists draw the […]