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My Husband Would

Mar, 31 2021 | no responses

There is no shortage of wonder and love in this collection, despite the omnipresence of queer and Jewish generational trauma in the speaker’s communities.

One Less River

Mar, 29 2021 | no responses

One Less River [is] a collection that rewards us over and again for joining its author in not turning away from the difficult truths we face in a world that goes on worlding even when we fail to heed the better angels of our nature.

Not for Luck

Mar, 24 2021 | no responses

Sheffield is emotionally present without sentimentality or clever guile. He offers us a gift of discernment that we can recognize as our own and return to for second helpings and more.

The Best Prey

Mar, 22 2021 | no responses

Quiñones situates desire as the fluxing heart of the collection and imbues its hunger with a Dionysian power and wildness.

We the Jury

Mar, 09 2021 | no responses

Creating sympathy is the poet’s role, and learning to sympathize is our only salvation.

wyrd] bird

Mar, 04 2021 | no responses

Stancek opens a dialectic between the speaker and mystic Hildegard of Bingen that will surface, recede, and resurface throughout the collection.

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