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Jan, 13 2020 | no responses

It presents a tension as well for the reader: if silence is total absence, an obliteration, how is “nothingness” described?

A Little More Red Sun on the Human

Dec, 16 2019 | no responses

The collection begins with dramatic monologues and portraits, cinematic and enigmatic, that are more traditionally structured with left-justified lines and regular punctuation.


Dec, 13 2019 | no responses

The mythological narrative works as a framework here because of its inherent mystery—the kind of unknowability that emerges over centuries—as well as its looming cultural influence, interweaving through the ways in which we understand ourselves and each other, even today.


Dec, 11 2019 | no responses

The concept of a theory becomes a rich, generative shape with its own kind of ontology or weather. Even if there is a kind of danger and lack of clarity in the midst of blood and fog, there’s also a beauty to how it becomes self-sustaining.

The Year of the Femme

Dec, 09 2019 | no responses

Interiors and the fullness thereof feel at the heart of this book, a gorgeous kind of phenomenology that questions pronouns, desire, categories, queerness, and how a mind moves through the world as body. Or, rather, the body is the interface of the mind. The speakers of the poems of The Year of the Femme feel at once ghostly and embodied, interior and exterior found at the ecotone of dailiness, thistle, lipstick.

Fossils in the Making

Nov, 12 2019 | no responses

Strong images from the botanical, geological, mammalian, and environmental worlds sensuously create lines of emotional force in the poems.

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