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Tracing the Horse

Jul, 17 2020 | no responses

What does it mean to be herself in this Mexican-American culture? The last section moves more toward answering this question.

Ravage & Snare

Jul, 16 2020 | no responses

The poems are muscular with allusion and wordplay, citing sources diverse as Old English poems and Winnie-the-Pooh. The syntax is equally rich, piling adjectives that jar against elusive nouns as if to make a point: the world is complicated and so are attempts to turn experience into meaning.

We Fell into Weather

Jul, 15 2020 | no responses

It’s no secret that the world is changing radically; from massive (and righteous) civil unrest to ecological devastation that is being dismissed or ignored, we can no longer be certain that how things appear is the truth, or that anything will remain as it is or seems for any length of time.

Grief Sequence

Jul, 09 2020 | no responses

In Prageeta Sharma’s collection of poems, her husband’s sudden death makes vivid their emotional and personal differences. Her grieving is intense and messy. Without the other to complete her understanding of the space she occupies in the world, she is ghosted. “I feel you inside but not in space” she writes in “Between Sighs.”

Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition

Jul, 07 2020 | no responses

At another point, she asserts, “The question is who to be writing this.” Writer, mother, farmer, teacher, wife, student, reader, traveler: Fishman is at one time or another all of these throughout this book. But first and foremost she is the poet the work has chosen her to be.

My Family Asks Me to Speak

Jul, 06 2020 | no responses

Photo by Dave Grubb My family asks me to try to deepen my voice, sitting at the dinner table, my sexuality a tapestry they are coming close to unthreading. I look down at my plate, moving fishbones with my fork, and beneath the mess of food, a print of hunters in red coats chasing the […]

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