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Sense Violence

Jan, 14 2021 | no responses

This reincarnating violence is a result of the perpetual cannibalism in the book. The act of eating and the body parts associated with eating consume the rhetoric of “Sense Violence.”


Jan, 12 2021 | no responses

These poems chronicle irreparable violence enacted on people, the land, and animals, all rooted in the impulse to conquer, record, and collect.


Dec, 16 2020 | no responses

There is an artistic paradox here: wherever a scar forms, nothing else can grow.


Dec, 15 2020 | no responses

Proximity is often a necessary discussion tool for intimacy. Not that there is a prerequisite distance prescribed to intimacy, but that distance and closeness can both be influencing factors in burgeoning relationships. The direct and possible results like becoming fonder of someone are so tangible and tantalizing, yet we always seem to be in discussion […]

Rain in Plural

Dec, 10 2020 | no responses

Poetry is engaged to dreams or a dream-state, and the surprising word-choices shift us into a world where clocks drip

Same Faces

Dec, 08 2020 | no responses

The twist of the shortest word in a line of the longest poem acts as a flicker of light brightening the most minute detail in the frame

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