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Of Sphere

Sep, 26 2018 | no responses

Even at the level of syntax, words and concepts flow into one another. The poems are fluid and absorptive.

You Are the Phenomenology

Sep, 25 2018 | no responses

In the precision and beauty of its varied form, Timothy O’Keefe’s You Are the Phenomenology is, among other things, a triumph of confinement.

Lances All Alike

Sep, 18 2018 | no responses

Only a few pages in, it’s clear that this is not what one could reasonably expect from Coach House—or, for that matter, from any broadly conceived constellation of contemporary experimental poetry.

Big Windows

Sep, 17 2018 | no responses

Moseley does not just consider the boundary between outside and inside. Her poems also explore divisions between dream life and reality, animals and humans, belief and doubt, bizarre encounters and everyday events.

Headline News

Sep, 12 2018 | no responses

A crucial component of the book’s success involves the meticulous balance Deming constructs between disarray and order, which holds a mirror to the goings-on of the world: yes, the headlines are clear, but how did we get here?

For the Love of Endings

Sep, 10 2018 | no responses

It’s like hearing out your friend who needs to tell you about that ex who cascades across his or her memory, about how the sky disintegrates the longer you stare at it, and how one’s relation to truth can only be measured by their proximity to pain.

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