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We Step into the Sea

Feb, 05 2019 | no responses

One of the great pleasures of reading across Keelan’s body of work is seeing how these concerns and images evolve over time. Even as her formal concerns change, Keelan continues to return to the literal heart, defamiliarizing it each time to give our own a jolt.

Isako Isako

Feb, 04 2019 | no responses

We, too, have seen this kind of semidocumentary poetics before; whereas the rummaging of personal effects has led to sentimentality and self-righteousness in several recent collections, Isako Isako eschews both easy nostalgia and sensationalized, one-dimensional politicking.

Peaches Goes It Alone

Jan, 30 2019 | no responses

Frederick Seidel has long taken pleasure in the absurdities of everyday American life. Under his scrutiny, the blandness of a chain store—a deeply American sight—becomes hard to distinguish from more scandalous forms of commerce.

Furthest Ecology

Jan, 25 2019 | no responses

Furthest Ecology takes up the life and labor of Abbott Thayer, the prickly, irrepressible American painter and naturalist nicknamed “the father of camouflage.” In 1896, Thayer discovered countershading, also known as “Thayer’s Law,” the theory of animal coloration often credited for laying the groundwork for military camouflage in World War I. Fagin’s poetry follows Thayer […]


Jan, 25 2019 | no responses

Akant troubles the borders between life and death, between consciousness and the unconscious, through a ‘gohst’ that figures—often in the space of a single poem—as sometime speaker, sometime subject

how do i net thee

Jan, 23 2019 | no responses

Who, or what, can be captured in such open forms is this book’s question, and it asks it in the aftermath of personal and familial loss.

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