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I left nothing inside on purpose

May, 11 2018 | no responses

…Those moments when what we want to say diverges from what we’re supposed to, are perhaps only as awkward as those in which the two match a little too accurately for comfort.


May, 04 2018 | no responses

Across the book, Mutschlecner cradles his layered world “in words that are naked,” in a coherent poetic integrity, with images that melt authentically into the folds of his ideas.


Apr, 27 2018 | no responses

Savich’s own crisis may be characterized as one of alienation from the human, or the “human form,” though in the broad light of day. Savich dwells in an uncanny world, but all the same, one framed by and occupied with such daily objects as windows and vases.

Dropping Death

Apr, 17 2018 | no responses

The very privacy of these poems is charged with a sense of another’s presence. In the midst of the first poetic salvo, a long sequence stretched over short, taut lines,

Because Everything Is Terrible

Apr, 05 2018 | no responses

These are urgent poems, made all the more urgent by the apocalyptic-feeling political landscape we’ve entered.

Buck Studies

Apr, 04 2018 | no responses

Kearney keeps finding new ways to collage on the level of the sonic, semantic, visual, orthographic, linguistic, grammatical, and political.

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