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Rocket Fantastic

Oct, 08 2018 | no responses

There is magic in the poetry of Rocket Fantastic. Bodies are gendered and more-than-gendered. Humans are also creatures, most often a buck or a doe, who live and play amid other creatures of the wild.

Baby, I Don’t Care

Oct, 01 2018 | no responses

Minnis notes that the “book was inspired by classic movies and couldn’t have been written without the Turner Classic Movie channel,” and the book indeed sounds more like a classic movie, specifically classic film noir, than any book of poetry I can think of.

North American Stadiums

Sep, 28 2018 | no responses

In many ways, this is a nostalgic book—looking back and recalling old friends and scenes from childhood—but when Chambers hits the note he’s reaching for, readers are left in awe. In “Pin,” a poem in which the speaker reflects on the year his sister broke her arm, the piece ends with the two siblings dressed up

Of Sphere

Sep, 26 2018 | no responses

Even at the level of syntax, words and concepts flow into one another. The poems are fluid and absorptive.

You Are the Phenomenology

Sep, 25 2018 | no responses

In the precision and beauty of its varied form, Timothy O’Keefe’s You Are the Phenomenology is, among other things, a triumph of confinement.

Lances All Alike

Sep, 18 2018 | no responses

Only a few pages in, it’s clear that this is not what one could reasonably expect from Coach House—or, for that matter, from any broadly conceived constellation of contemporary experimental poetry.

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