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Seaside Ghazal

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

we shouted out of car windows / uttered our incomplete goodbyes // see you later, Shifting Inlet / or whatever good friends say // who haven’t known each other long—

Prayer for Appetite

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

What whispers suckle, tugs / spines upright, name god. // Acolytes—mice sniffing / a wet breeze, blouse milk- // soaked at an infant’s cry, / universe ever expanding.

Oh cosmic through line,
teach the weaker sex your

bruising grip.

Beyond Love

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

If the saints are to be believed, if this body is a dress / we slip into, out of, if each day and night is the mantle / we tie around our shoulders, fabric thin as the time it takes

Marriage Abstract

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

I love you like my hands, which haul / the money in. Into our laps spill daughter / and son. We are drowning in wine and beer, / carrying each other across these rooms, / glasses filled above our brims.

Wherever We Mean to Be: Selected Poems 1975–2015

Feb, 22 2018 | no responses

The most solitary poems, the ones that take the speaker for a walk through a city or down a dirt path, through a churchyard or a garden, always remind one of how important it is to spend time alone, getting to know your own universe.

I Know Your Kind

Feb, 22 2018 | no responses

Brewer investigates how drug use has ravaged a community and the lives of users, enablers, and those fortunate enough to have survived.

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