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The German Woman

Nov, 12 2020 | no responses

If ten men stand by, the crime they witness must be multiplied by a hundred, because if they don’t stop each other, who will ever stop them?

Silence Is My Mother Tongue

Oct, 22 2020 | no responses

Saba and Hagos, a young girl and her mute older brother have been displaced from Eritrea during the country’s long War of Independence.

Hsi-wei Tales

Oct, 06 2020 | no responses

Wexelblatt’s Hsi-wei Tales is a wonderful fusion of poetry and prose that captivates and holds nuggets of wisdom far beyond the fortune cookie kind.

Miraculous Medal

Jul, 13 2020 | no responses

However, this slim, powerful volume presents a world so viscerally haunting, readers are likely to pick up both. In each, Koesters balances the music (and often the humor) of her characters’ voices with unflinching portrayals of sexual abuse, religion, stratifications of class and race, and the cultural reverberations of cyclical, endemic violence.

When the Whales Leave

Jul, 09 2020 | no responses

Early in the novella, Rytkheu writes that a “legend could be said to be a truth that people had ceased to believe in.” The story is riddled with similarly potent lines, all of which can be independently pondered and applied to religious and philosophical conundrums that exist outside of Rytkheu’s story.

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