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Time for Bed: Stories

Dec, 02 2019 | no responses

In a world where buildings are attacked and then collapse seemingly out of nowhere, it is hard to know what we can know for sure.

When I Can’t Sleep

Nov, 19 2019 | no responses

Acutely amusing, cleverly twisted, thoughtful, and tender, When I Can’t Sleep is a formidable collection of short yet indelibly powerful flash-fiction yarns—the absurdly brilliant kind that never grow old and you never tire of reading.

Loss and Damage

Nov, 05 2019 | no responses

Photo by baldeaglebluff The first time Maria ever spoke to me directly, we were somewhere over the North Atlantic on a red-eye to eastern Europe. “Don’t mess around with any Brits without seeing a passport first. He might say he’s a delegate, or an important businessman, but he could easily be some Eton kid there […]

Another Kind of Madness

Nov, 04 2019 | no responses

All too often tropes in literature about the African-American experience are seen as representative of the affective “condition” of racial experience and travail, as in music for melancholy, vivid colors for ethnic life and violence, and so forth.

Last Words of the Holy Ghost

Aug, 07 2019 | no responses

Sometimes these stories are laugh-out-loud funny in a way that doesn’t feel cheap or forced, but rather, completely fitting for Cashion’s characters.

Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

Aug, 01 2019 | no responses

Though the narrator seems to be an outside observer, the story feels intimate because we’re listening to her talk to herself. The last line is the most intimate of all, as it hints at the source of the deeper tension undergirding the chaotic scene.

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