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Wild Horse

Mar, 19 2018 | no responses

“These men are tough guy know-it-alls with me-against-the-world mentalities. Men who see themselves as superior to those around them. We, the readers, are bewitched by their inner lives….”

Nice People: New & Selected Stories II

Mar, 09 2018 | no responses

Jauss’s characters frequently fail to accept comfort and even more frequently are locked inside their own emotional ice.

The Singing Ship

Mar, 08 2018 | no responses

In this beautifully written novel, Winterer takes us on an expedition into the Australian bush and the depths of faith.

The Mannequin Makers

Mar, 02 2018 | no responses

Readers finish the novel having learned that beauty invariably comes at a price: physical and psychological, personal and professional. It destroys everyone who seeks it.

Glory Days

Mar, 01 2018 | no responses

The landscape of the novel is ghost-haunted. The dead crouch around these characters, blighting them. But the murder of a young boy at Glory Days—the tragic consequence of the fact that Footer can’t find enough ways to spread his misery around and Luann is enthralled by him—is particularly wrenching.

Everyone Was There

Mar, 01 2018 | no responses

Indeed, we are all composites of contradictions, mysteries unto ourselves, forever zinging between obstacles like a pinball. This is why we tell stories, to convince ourselves that the world is not without reason.

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