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Sky Songs: Meditations on Loving a Broken World

Apr, 07 2021 | no responses

It is this kind of brokenness that Sinor seems to be talking about: not a brokenness beyond repair, or even necessarily to be repaired, but the brokenness that we all live with, every day.

Mobile Home: A Memoir in Essays

Mar, 25 2021 | no responses

Her family relocates to a double-wide trailer in Saudi Arabia, a Kensington flat in an upscale district of London, a motel with a view of Denny’s in Los Angeles, and other “campsites” across four continents in pursuit of her father’s engineering jobs.

A Shared Stillness

Mar, 22 2021 | no responses

Photograph by Tiago Veloso I was a child when I learned from my father that his parents were once the tango champions of Zamboanga. I had never met them, and only knew what they looked like from pictures taken of their fiftieth wedding anniversary that my aunt Nancy had sent us from the Philippines in […]

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