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Appendices Pulled from a Study on Light

Dec, 03 2018 | no responses

The poems and prose in Appendices Pulled from a Study on Light thus delve into Babbitt’s passion for illuminated manuscripts, his confessed object of reverence.

On Worry

Nov, 14 2018 | no responses

Then, on October 8, a bubble cone began to rise from the earth at one corner of the village. Cracks appeared in fields. The resident administrator to the United Kingdom watched as a cluster of grazing sheep fell into the earth, and, a minute later, the earth seamed itself together, eating the sheep. This, he believed, was the start of a new volcano. He radioed the Royal Navy for help, and a ship set off from Cape Town to help evacuate the islanders. That night, residents camped in tents, as far from the volcanic activity as they could go on the small island. The air was wet with drizzle.

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

Sep, 04 2018 | no responses

Even within the Indigenous community, identity is a contentious topic, with reasons rooted in a history of attempted erasure. And yet, Indigenous literature is in itself a political act of resistance to those efforts.

This Business of Words: Reassessing Anne Sexton

Aug, 29 2018 | no responses

The scale by which Sexton extends the territory she covers as a poet, practicing her art while always having a firm eye upon appealing to as massive an audience as possible, call to mind the pop-synthesis self-marketing of later musical figures such as Madonna and Lady Gaga (Sexton herself also had her own band, Her Kind).

Caesura: Essays

Aug, 10 2018 | no responses

This is a book that wrestles with the expansive ideas of life and death as much as it chronicles the multitude of quotidian details we regularly encounter.

Rants from the Hill

Aug, 10 2018 | no responses

Rants from the Hill, Michael P. Branch’s collection of humorous, sly essays is easy to underestimate.

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