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A Hundred Little Pieces on the End of the World

Jun, 08 2020 | no responses

Over the course of ten essays, Rember delivers a withering, if darkly humorous, diagnosis of a society on its last breaths: “We have become a depressingly aged and unfulfilled civilization. . . .  Where once we were full of promise and lust for life, we are now sticking to the known and the comfortable. In financial terms, we’re living on interest rather than producing. In agricultural terms, we’re eating the seed corn. In ecological terms, we’re parasitic.”

Stamford ’76

Apr, 20 2020 | no responses

If one remains open during the excavation process, it is possible to dredge up unexpected, sometimes unwelcome, truths and thus reveal how one’s past has been woven out of assumptions, the narratives of others, and a collective story told to cloak uncomfortable realities.

Model Homes

Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Best Picko Home In 1993, the British artist Rachel Whiteread was commissioned to create a sculpture similar to an earlier work, Ghost, which had involved casting an empty North London apartment in concrete and presenting its interior, solidified. The new sculpture would incorporate the same process, this time utilizing an entire house, the […]

The Unnamable Present

Dec, 17 2019 | no responses

Central to the current crisis is a sense of instability and fragmentation inaugurated by mass mobility.

Portrait on Metal with Patterned Scarf and Streak of Light

Nov, 05 2019 | no responses

Photo by romana klee The photographer’s studio is on wheels, hitched to a pickup truck, and parked today beside a Dallas tattoo parlor. At one end of the room, she has placed a wooden stool and three lights on adjustable stands. At the other end is a door to a tiny darkroom where she prepares […]

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