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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Pine


    By Julia Koets

    Koets’s robust emotional range and delicate intimacy are reminiscent of Anne Carson’s translations of Sappho....

  • Folklorn


    By Angela Mi Young Hur

    Hur’s new novel offers a suspenseful search for family secrets, populated with ghosts and Korean...

  • Seven


    By Farzana Doctor

    Not being able to go home again resembles the nature of trauma: it can be...

  • Dear Ms. Schubert

    Dear Ms. Schubert

    By Ewa Lipska, translated by Robin Davidson and Ewa Elżbieta Nowakowska

    Listen to the bird song. As Lipska writes,” “It’s just an untreated case of chronic...

  • Abundance: A Novel

    Abundance: A Novel

    By Jakob Guanzon

    When Henry enters a Walmart to steal medicine for his sick child, he glances up...

  • Wild Swims: Stories

    Wild Swims: Stories

    By Dorthe Nors; translated from the Danish by Misha Hoekstra

    Nors achieves exquisite interiority in these narratives, burrowing so precisely into a character’s memory and...

  • Obscura


    By Frank Paino

    Paino excavates what meaning we create behind our acts of living, what haunts us at...

  • Let Me Think: Stories

    Let Me Think: Stories

    By J. Robert Lennon

    The seventy-one pieces in this dexterous, surprising collection are often weird and unexpectedly weighty, particularly...

  • The Animal at Your Side

    The Animal at Your Side

    By Megan Alpert

    In the absence of family, the self becomes sister, becomes multiple, becomes animal—more fiercely present...

  • Sybelia Drive

    Sybelia Drive

    By Karin Cecile Davidson

    The approach feels organic, echoing the experience of families receiving letters from Vietnam “in lots...

  • Site Fidelity: Stories

    Site Fidelity: Stories

    By Claire Boyles

    Boyles has written stories of surprising range, while maintaining a focus on how human beings—particularly...

  • My Husband Would

    My Husband Would

    By Benjamin S. Grossberg

    There is no shortage of wonder and love in this collection, despite the omnipresence of...

  • One Less River

    One Less River

    By Terry Blackhawk

    One Less River [is] a collection that rewards us over and again for joining its...

  • Not for Luck

    Not for Luck

    By Derek Sheffield

    Sheffield is emotionally present without sentimentality or clever guile. He offers us a gift of...

  • The Best Prey

    The Best Prey

    By Paige Quiñones

    Quiñones situates desire as the fluxing heart of the collection and imbues its hunger with...

  • The Leave-Takers

    The Leave-Takers

    By Steven Wingate

    Laynie Jackman darts across the country “taking leave of the dead” by dispersing the belongings...

  • We the Jury

    We the Jury

    By Wayne Miller

    Creating sympathy is the poet’s role, and learning to sympathize is our only salvation....

  • wyrd] bird

    wyrd] bird

    By Claire Marie Stancek

    Stancek opens a dialectic between the speaker and mystic Hildegard of Bingen that will surface,...