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  • Sift


    By Christian Hawkey

    In his notes to the book-length poem Sift, Christian Hawkey observes how the project developed from...

  • Mad Prairie

    Mad Prairie

    By Kate McIntyre

    Certain states seem to be mentioned only when people are listing the ones that nobody...

  • The Latitude of a Mercy

    The Latitude of a Mercy

    By Stefan Lovasick

    One of the defining characteristics of “the modern” has long been a heightened consciousness of...

  • The Book of Fools

    The Book of Fools

    By Sam Taylor

    How to Erase One’s Descent “and only he who descends into the nether world shall...

  • A Ghost in the Throat

    A Ghost in the Throat

    By Doireann Ní Ghríofa

    Diane Johnson opens her breakthrough biography, The True History of the First Mrs. Meredith and...

  • Against Silence

    Against Silence

    By Frank Bidart

    At the end of his new book, Frank Bidart ridicules Hamlet for thinking “the rest...

  • Sawgrass Sky

    Sawgrass Sky

    By Andrew Hemmert

    Organized into five breathtaking sections, Andrew Hemmert’s memoir-in-verse, Sawgrass Sky, dazzles me with its visceral...

  • Diamonds


    By Camille Guthrie

    Despite our socially conscious effort to illuminate the exploitative nature of the diamond trade in...

  • Factory Girls

    Factory Girls

    By Takako Arai

    Takako Arai’s Factory Girls is a protest book, whose patchwork of poems and narrative voices...

  • Forum


    By Josh Wardrip

    Josh Wardrip’s debut novel Forum begins with an epigraph from Pindar’s First Pythian Ode. In it, the Theban...

  • origin story

    origin story

    By Gary Jackson

    The first thing Gary Jackson does in origin story is confide in us. Some poems...

  • McMullen Circle

    McMullen Circle

    By Heather Newton

    The vivid stories of McMullen Circle by Heather Newton take place at the fictional McMullen...

  • The Past

    The Past

    By Wendy Xu

    On a fundamental level, Wendy Xu’s The Past depicts the author’s dexterous mind in action...

  • The Man Grave

    The Man Grave

    By Christopher Salerno

    Christopher Salerno’s The Man Grave is an exercise in duality—in studying the double-edged sword of...

  • In the Event of Contact

    In the Event of Contact

    By Ethel Rohan

    My partner asked recently what I look for most when reading short story collections. What’s...

  • Glacial Decoys

    Glacial Decoys

    By Luke Roberts

    In Trisha Brown’s Glacial Decoy, the performance that lends its title to Luke Roberts’s new...