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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • The Silk Road

    The Silk Road

    By Kathryn Davis

    The characters of Kathryn Davis’ The Silk Road read as metaphorical appendages to one body....

  • Wifthing


    By Pattie McCarthy

    Pattie McCarthy’s experimental poetry collection Wifthing blends traditional sonnet forms, medieval female experiences, and contemporary...

  • Maps of Injury

    Maps of Injury

    By Chera Hammons

    I have avoided writing this essay. This essay was really supposed to be strictly a...

  • Rise and Float

    Rise and Float

    By Brian Tierney

    According to the Victoria State Government (as in Victoria, Australia), “An object floats when the...

  • Even Shorn

    Even Shorn

    By Isabel Duarte-Gray

    In a note on the poem “Drunkard’s Path” in her debut poetry collection, Even Shorn,...

  • The Survival Expo

    The Survival Expo

    By Caki Wilkinson

    One could call it Middle America, the Heartland, Jesusland, or any number of other monikers...

  • A Harp in the Stars

    A Harp in the Stars

    By Randon Billings Noble (Editor)

    The term “lyric essay” has been with us for nearly thirty years, and while it...

  • Hesitancies


    By Sanjeev Sethi

    Sanjeev Sethi is a mature and conscious poet—rare qualities among writers of contemporary Indian-English poetry....

  • The Whole Picture Show

    The Whole Picture Show

    By Arthur McMaster

    Arthur McMaster’s The Whole Picture Show offers a breathtakingly beautiful portrait of everyday life. As...

  • Noise Cancellation

    Noise Cancellation

    By Jhilam Chattaraj

    Noise and signal are parts of the same phenomenon, but signal is the information the...

  • Vibratory Milieu

    Vibratory Milieu

    By Carrie Hunter

    In the “Notes” to Vibratory Milieu, Carrie Hunter describes the book as a work of...

  • The Clarity of Hunger

    The Clarity of Hunger

    By Cheryl Pappas

    Cheryl Pappas’s debut flash fiction collection, The Clarity of Hunger, explores longing of all kinds....

  • Ghost Tracks

    Ghost Tracks

    By Sneha Subramanian Kanta

    “A wound is a place of burial. . . Call the wound a language.” At...

  • Her Read: A Graphic Poem

    Her Read: A Graphic Poem

    By Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

    Our expectations about what a book is and might contain are constantly evolving. In our...

  • Moth Funerals

    Moth Funerals

    By Gaia Rajan

    Gaja Rajan writes in the first poem of Moth Funerals, “You’ve heard this one before,”...

  • Alien Stories

    Alien Stories

    By E. C. Osondu

    In Alien Stories, Nigerian-born E. C. Osondu collects playful parables of immigrants and exotic cultures,...

  • Imagine Us, The Swarm

    Imagine Us, The Swarm

    By Muriel Leung

    Muriel Leung’s powerful second book is divided into seven parts, each of which are formally...

  • Cry Baby Mystic

    Cry Baby Mystic

    By Daniel Tiffany

    Daniel Tiffany’s new book wears a sandpaper shirt, the title marked in black crayon, smeared....