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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Her Scant State

    Her Scant State

    By Barbara Tomash

    Barbara Tomash’s new collection erases Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady. From the outset,...

  • Wave House

    Wave House

    By Elizabeth Arnold

    In her sixth book, Wave House, Elizabeth Arnold’s unpredictable poems mimic the incalculable movements of...

  • The Corrected Version

    The Corrected Version

    By Rosanna Young Oh

    This debut collection is a fascinating study in form and a powerful meditation on family....

  • Love and Other Rituals

    Love and Other Rituals

    By Monica Macansantos

    Love and Other Rituals is an inspiring story collection that explores a wide range of...

  • Night Logic

    Night Logic

    By Matthew Gellman

    Matthew Gellman’s Night Logic emerges at a time when states like Florida are going to...

  • Door


    By Ann Lauterbach

    The many doors within Ann Lauterbach’s dazzling eleventh volume, Door (Penguin, 2023), open onto mythic...

  • Four in Hand

    Four in Hand

    By Alicia Mountain

    A four-in-hand is a vehicle drawn by four horses and driven by one person. The...

  • Flare, Corona

    Flare, Corona

    By Jeannine Hall Gailey

    In 2020, amidst devastating wildfires and insurrections and a pandemic, we all seemed to collectively...

  • the luxury

    the luxury

    By Darren C. Demaree

    In his ecopoetic collection the luxury, Darren C. Demaree draws upon the four classical elements...

  • adjacent islands

    adjacent islands

    By Nicole Cecelia Delgado (translated by Urayoán Noel)

    In Nicole Cecilia Delgado’s elegant, bilingual collection adjacent islands, readers discover a minimalist world where...

  • Pink Noise

    Pink Noise

    By Kevin Holden

    Midway through Pink Noise, Kevin Holden’s second full-length collection, there appears what one might take...

  • Raw Anyone

    Raw Anyone

    By Alex Mattraw

    Write the word “Dear” and what comes next? An epistle suggests a located life, a...

  • The Plague Doctor

    The Plague Doctor

    By James C. Morehead

    You might be in the mood for a crystal-clear lyric, perhaps, or your lethargy demands...

  • Rocks & More Rocks

    Rocks & More Rocks

    By Stephen Ratcliffe

    About fifteen years ago, I wrote a review for Stephen Ratcliffe’s book of poetry REAL,...

  • What Small Sound

    What Small Sound

    By Francesca Bell

    “I’m here to bear witness to this deafness / that expands imperceptibly,” writes Francesca Bell...

  • Places We Left Behind

    Places We Left Behind

    By Jennifer Lang

    What if the person you love envisions a different life than the one you do—in...

  • April


    By Sara Nicholson

    April, it’s been written, is the cruelest month. By now, generations of undergraduates have been...