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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Genghis Chan on Drums

    Genghis Chan on Drums

    By John Yau

    Whenever I read John Yau’s poetry or fiction, I am reminded of Johannes Gӧransson’s “foreigner,”...

  • Trickster Academy

    Trickster Academy

    By Jenny L. Davis

    With a wry humor that softens reality’s hard edges, the poems in Jenny L. Davis’s...

  • Asylum


    By Nina Shope

    Asylum is novelist Nina Shope’s disturbing and complex story of how men control women’s bodies...

  • Prelude


    By Brynne Rebele-Henry

    The poems in Prelude by Brynne Rebele-Henry strike like lightening on the night sky, with...

  • The Light That Burns Us

    The Light That Burns Us

    By Jazra Khaleed

    The suffering and displacement of refugees from the brutal Syrian civil war are given agency...

  • Abacus of Loss

    Abacus of Loss

    By Sholeh Wolpé

    When circumstances change, we change. As with any organism, a human’s survival is predicated on...

  • Possums Run Amok

    Possums Run Amok

    By Lora Lafayette

    In Possums Run Amok, teenager Lora Lafayette hitchhikes to destinations unknown, striving to quench her...

  • Seeking Fortune Elsewhere

    Seeking Fortune Elsewhere

    By Sindya Bhanoo

    The eight stories in Seeking Fortune Elsewhere, Sindya Bhanoo’s exquisite debut story collection, paint a...



    By Anaïs Duplan

    The title of Anaïs Duplan’s latest book, I NEED MUSIC, makes a seemingly straightforward declaration,...

  • Earthly Delights

    Earthly Delights

    By Troy Jollimore

    One of the very few facts that should keep artists inspired to make more art...

  • North | Rock | Edge

    North | Rock | Edge

    By Susan Tichy

    There is a call to approach the remote corners of the world and know, for...

  • Cold Candies

    Cold Candies

    By Lee Young-Ju (translated by Jae Kim)

    In the prose poems that comprise Lee Young-Ju’s collection Cold Candies, the physical world is...

  • A Myth of Ariadne

    A Myth of Ariadne

    By Martha Ronk

    Martha Ronk’s A Myth of Ariadne examines our contemporary apathy toward war, casual violence, and...

  • Now you Know It All

    Now you Know It All

    By Joanna Pearson

    Now You Know It All, winner of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize, reads more like...

  • Shit Cassandra Saw

    Shit Cassandra Saw

    By Gwen E. Kirby

    In Greek mythology, Apollo grants Trojan priestess Cassandra the power to prophesize the future, but...

  • The Thicket

    The Thicket

    By Kasey Jueds

    Kasey Jueds’s second collection, The Thicket, has intersecting emotional and imagistic arcs that reward the...