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Nov, 16 2020 | no responses

Photo by Phil Roeder when you lift your toe, the fabric falls, folds. the ropes dance. your hair drags along the forest floor and my comb follows. tonight, we’re lost at sea, hidden in plain sight. let’s not worry our wishes into birds or close off a corner of the room. let’s have a thicker […]

Aubade for the Anthropocene

Nov, 16 2020 | no responses

Photo by John Morton Outside, a tree, dried out & skeletal, moans. Dead in spring. The roots can’t find water. It’s May, the city isn’t greening anymore, & trees are sick of the sun. Say the sky’s the sickblue of hospital walls. Say her name as she coughs & gags in predawn heat. She tried […]

Mile 57—

Nov, 16 2020 | no responses

Photo by Intermountain Forest Service, USDA Region 4 Photography Pennock Trail There was a boy who was a boy who was a tree who was a river and a rock and a cloud. Who was a nothing more than a something who wanted to be nothing but a flash under sky over field. Who wanted […]

Dog Years

Nov, 12 2020 | no responses

The new Żaba grew to be an ugly dog: disproportional, with long, thin legs and big, elongated paws that contrasted with an average-sized body.

The German Woman

Nov, 12 2020 | no responses

If ten men stand by, the crime they witness must be multiplied by a hundred, because if they don’t stop each other, who will ever stop them?

My Family Asks Me to Speak

Jul, 06 2020 | no responses

Photo by Dave Grubb My family asks me to try to deepen my voice, sitting at the dinner table, my sexuality a tapestry they are coming close to unthreading. I look down at my plate, moving fishbones with my fork, and beneath the mess of food, a print of hunters in red coats chasing the […]

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