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Model Homes

Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Best Picko Home In 1993, the British artist Rachel Whiteread was commissioned to create a sculpture similar to an earlier work, Ghost, which had involved casting an empty North London apartment in concrete and presenting its interior, solidified. The new sculpture would incorporate the same process, this time utilizing an entire house, the […]

To Kati Who Doesn’t Remember

Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Rick Harris Such sounds. Your mother in the kitchen over a pot of stuffed cabbage, crying, Istenem, istenem, istenem and you answering her back, There is no God God is dead he’s dead my brother is dead. What should I say about your brother in the attic with a gun? He left you […]

[Bone by Bone, She Remembered]

Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Doug Beckers Bone by bone, she remembered what it was like to change from body into light, that the month of March had had no time for grief and tore up her belly until there were just black plums there like ancient letters split in two— al-eph, b-eyz, gi-ml, da-led. She recalled she […]


Feb, 20 2020 | no responses

Photo by Tamaki Sono In the second week of medical school, we’re given cadavers. We name ours Aberforth, and I tell myself I’m prepared as I’ll ever be. The classroom is underground. The halogen-lit air fills with the smell of formaldehyde and other chemicals I don’t know the names of. “I know you’ve all been […]

All the Old Answers

Nov, 05 2019 | no responses

Photo by Alexander Fink When my great-uncle died, his children held the wake in the old house, the house he had grown up in, inherited, and condemned in his will. He wanted his house’s story to end when his did. This was a selfishness I understood. I’d read somewhere that no structure is ever really […]

Empirical Evidence

Nov, 05 2019 | no responses

Photo by chessboard35 Teeth, glamorous teeth. Whiter than white: glint. How can you call a color a word? Flimsy netting of the exuberant verb of it— all swan and longing and snow. But we were talking about teeth, how I stole one from my first-grade class, decomposing in a dirt-colored glass of Coke next to […]

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