The Laundry

The Laundry Photo by Emily Chung   What was it like,” my partner asks, “growing up as you did?”—and I can only think to tell her about the laundry. So much for a family of three, it seemed. There was a chute in the closet beside my room, which made me think of the game […]

Catalogue Beginning with a Line from Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Catalogue Beginning with a Line from Marcelo Hernandez Castillo Photo By Radek Homola   The music stopped playing years ago, but we’re still dancing. The naked maple still has so many leaves to release before we have any right to call it dead. How our children out back wildly thrash angels into snow without losing […]

Her Singing Horses

Her Singing Horses Photo By Nati Melnychuk   My big sister’s horses are mostly dead horses. …………Once, her horses were talented horses; once, her horses were singing horses; once, people said …………my big sister’s horses had the most gorgeous young voices they’d heard. Everyone said …………she had show-stopping horses. Everyone said her horses were stars. […]


Self-Storage Photo By Joel Swick   [The Bowl that Fills] I can’t conjure my own first memory, but I do remember Virginia Woolf’s. She was in the nursery at St. Ives in the Hebrides. The acorn on the end of the string from a window blind slid back and forth across the floor with the […]

A Most Generous Offer

A Most Generous Offer Photo by Carsten Ullrich    i. The apartment in Beijing was Lin’s and mine until Ma made the generous decision of allowing old Mrs. Yang to move in. My sister and I spent our summers there. Lin liked to trample through the weeds caulking the patches around the apartment building, gathering […]

Great Plains

Great Plains Photo By el-toro   I would wake up hollowed of home, like the womb-loving part of me had cracked itself open: a mockingbird egg sluiced across the new morning. I would leave bed to tear parcels out the floorboard, pour thick red soil and seed lupines, watch them sink blue teeth into the […]

When They Come for You

When They Come for You Photo by Thomas Millot   Police came through with a loudspeaker and said everyone needed to be out by 9 a.m., or else face arrest. [This despite] a ruling by the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that was effectively sustained by the US Supreme Court in December declar[ing] that […]


Parable Photo by Enguerrand Blanchy One summer, two kookaburras mated on a power line, extinguishing light in a thousand homes. Stories say the female opened her wings and touched two wires. Closing the circuit. Making, of her body, a conductor. And his, attached to hers. Witnesses gaped at brilliant flashes, cacophony like drums. The birds, […]