About the Feature

Photo by Ruslan Valeev on Unsplash


I told the mortician to mix
our ashes I wish to see
you as a speck of sand maybe
a fistful of waves gnashing until white

stone all the lilies bursting
from this rapture your opal lips
shiver like two harp strings I pluck

a symphony from the sea
prances everywhere grief whittles
the salted air drunk seals
press our shadows to sand
I think of folding our bodies

with the sky open these scabs
flaring like matches
ruby in the rain pitter-patter
you say it is the mortician nailing

our coffin shut how I hope
they spill our secret to the locusts
wooing their lovers from our throat


About the Author

Jonathan W. Chu is a seventeen-year-old neurodivergent Chinese Canadian poet from Vancouver, British Columbia. His poetry appears in Black Warrior Review, where he is the youngest finalist for the journal’s 2021 poetry prize, judged by Eduardo C. Corral.