About the Feature

Photo by michael weir on Unsplash


I look at my childhood
& imagine what isn’t there

                        blank pages
partially erased artifacts

we all live in a barter system
trading our favorite worst memories

I social you a tongue
I appeal you a slanted pear orchard throat
                    & we share it gladly

I research myself &
                     feel intrinsically disengaged
with my own subjective history

how satirically we pluck apart owl pellets
little masses of bone & fur
delicate in their rounded assemblage

this is how we become a collective

in our fury we de-mouth the sun
rip away flare & tangled magnetic field

sticky bandages      sour wounds

what is our purpose here?
we want to leave behind nothing
named              nothing alive & curious

               the winedark sea
                        bloodgap   sea

home of two-headed rat & blind raccoon

to love something it must be impermanent

we feel we’ve been here before
torn away our hair at the roots
                        leaving us blood-scarred

something will disappear tomorrow
& we’ll praise the light despite our terror

when we think of nothing at all
we find god in our unconscious
        light-headed & empty

About the Author

Hannah V. Warren is a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia and a Fulbright scholar. She is the author of Slaughterhouse for Old Wives Tales, forthcoming from Sundress Publications, and two chapbooks. Her works have appeared in Crazyhorse, Gulf Coast, Passages North, and Fairy Tale Review, among others.