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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Look


    By Solmaz Sharif

    On the cover of Look is a copy of the first photograph ever taken, which...

  • Dark Green

    Dark Green

    By Emily Hunt

    That’s the heartbreak that the poems in the collection can’t stop nibbling at. What if...

  • Time Down to Mind

    Time Down to Mind

    By Graham Foust

    For Graham Foust, the subject to which he has returned most often across the arc...

  • Little Arias

    Little Arias

    By Kristen Case

    A poet who urges us to hold dear to all of our experience: that which...

  • Itself


    By Rae Armantrout

    “I work it,” [Armantrout] writes in the title poem, “until sweetness // rises /...

  • Honest James

    Honest James

    By Christian Schlegel

    Of course, the genius of Honest James is that it engages with the trouble of...

  • The Feel Trio

    The Feel Trio

    By Fred Moten

    At its most basic level, Fred Moten’s The Feel Trio does what Herodotus did: it...

  • Surrounded by Friends

    Surrounded by Friends

    By Matthew Rohrer

    In his latest book, Surrounded by Friends, Matthew Rohrer goes beyond befriending the dead to...

  • Some Habits

    Some Habits

    By C. Violet Eaton

    This isn’t a poet who wishes to scratch the surface but to “scratch into” and...



    By Jill Magi

    Art in the Age of the Adjunct In all the debate around the proliferation of...

  • Cocky's Joy

    Cocky’s Joy

    By Michael Farrell

    Michael Farrell’s 2015 collection, Cocky’s Joy, is ambidextrous, its right hand painting comic tableaux, and...

  • Reckless Lovely

    Reckless Lovely

    By Martha Silano

    In Martha Silano's stunning fourth collection of poems, readers will encounter "velvety soup," "60,000 eggs,"...

  • Far-Fetched


    By Devin Johnston

    The possibilities [Johnston] envisions for our contemporary times are far more than we deserve....

  • Century Swept Brutal

    Century Swept Brutal

    By Zach Savich

    If you want a taste of the beauty of our clumsy human limitations and desires,...

  • Ohio Railroads

    Ohio Railroads

    By G. S. Giscombe

    Ostensibly a catalog of Ohio’s network of railroads,Ohio Railroads takes up race, memory, language, and...

  • The Meatgirl Whatever

    The Meatgirl Whatever

    By Kristin Hatch

    Kristin Hatch's poems in The Meatgirl Whatever are following the idea of "to serve." Or...

  • Testament


    By G. C. Waldrep

    Testament is...bound up in fluid and scenic meditations on the nature of writing, and how...

  • The Lost Novel

    The Lost Novel

    By James Shea

    Yes, these are poems of belief and faith, of hope, and they reach toward those...