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  • Selected Poems

    Selected Poems

    By Keith Waldrop

    This is a poetics of careful deliberation, aware that language is a container that experience...

  • Four Weathercocks

    Four Weathercocks

    By Cassandra Cleghorn

    If a work of art can be considered a solar system, it’s then governed by...

  • Her Faithfulness

    Her Faithfulness

    By Liz Waldner

    Liz Waldner’s masterful new collection of poems, Her Faithfulness, explores the possibilities of a feminist...

  • Literature for Nonhumans

    Literature for Nonhumans

    By Gabriel Gudding

    Gabriel Gudding appeals to humans’ intellectual, artistic, and political selves by braiding fact, lyricism, and...

  • Orbit


    By Arthur Vogelsang

    Vogelsang strives to reject mystery as a sacred notion; or, at least, that’s his literary...

  • What the Lyric Is

    What the Lyric Is

    By Sarah Nicholson

    Nicholson’s writing, which is by turns clever, jokey, and devestatingly ironic, seems to be so...

  • Heliopause


    By Heather Christle

    The poems in Heliopause are nimble, intelligent, playful, and bold; there is wildness and surprise...

  • Evening Oracle

    Evening Oracle

    By Brandon Shimoda

    The poems of Evening Oracle began in ritual, as a taking down of the messages...

  • Seam


    By Tarfia Faizullah

    Faizullah goes beyond the self to write about and translate tragedy, as well as explore...

  • Post-


    By Wayne Miller

    Miller’s task is to remove the fixed barrier that has separated public from private and...

  • Landscapes on a Train

    Landscapes on a Train

    By Cole Swensen

    Swensen’s poems, arranged on the page in windowlike, prose-shaped blocks, do what the best poems...

  • Illocality


    By Joseph Massey

    Massey’s taut minimalism converts the things peopling these landscapes—trees, fog, parking lots, the feral subject...

  • Look


    By Solmaz Sharif

    On the cover of Look is a copy of the first photograph ever taken, which...

  • Dark Green

    Dark Green

    By Emily Hunt

    That’s the heartbreak that the poems in the collection can’t stop nibbling at. What if...

  • Time Down to Mind

    Time Down to Mind

    By Graham Foust

    For Graham Foust, the subject to which he has returned most often across the arc...

  • Little Arias

    Little Arias

    By Kristen Case

    A poet who urges us to hold dear to all of our experience: that which...

  • Itself


    By Rae Armantrout

    “I work it,” [Armantrout] writes in the title poem, “until sweetness // rises /...

  • Honest James

    Honest James

    By Christian Schlegel

    Of course, the genius of Honest James is that it engages with the trouble of...

  • The Feel Trio

    The Feel Trio

    By Fred Moten

    At its most basic level, Fred Moten’s The Feel Trio does what Herodotus did: it...