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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Forgiveness Forgiveness

    Forgiveness Forgiveness

    By Shane McCrae

    With that in mind, McCrae's Forgiveness Forgiveness is a highly accomplished and moving collection of...

  • In a Landscape

    In a Landscape

    By John Gallaher

    Gallaher is a master of moving from punchlines to moments of real gravity. Cultural references...

  • My Lorenzo

    My Lorenzo

    By Sebastien Smirou, Translated by Andrew Zawacki

    Smirou takes the possessive pride of appropriation, or rather, personalization, of a historical figure: ...

  • The New Testament

    The New Testament

    By Jericho Brown

    However, The New Testament is not entirely a poetry of witness, either. Made all the...

  • Whelm


    By Dawn Lonsinger

    Within its catalogs of the miscellaneous world, the book finds a cataloging of an observer...

  • Peace


    By Gillian Conoley

    While Conoley’s poetic virtuosity might accept the world and marvel at it, that’s not to...

  • Two Books by Joshua Corey

    Two Books by Joshua Corey

    By Joshua Corey

    While Beautiful Soul's oscillation between fiction and metafiction can seem somewhat slow footed, the rich...

  • Twine


    By David Koehn

    Impressive in their range and arresting in their musicality, the poems are consistently successful....

  • You Good Thing

    You Good Thing

    By Dara Weir

    While Weir’s poems are full of loss and dissolution, they also insist on a presence...

  • You Are Not Dead

    You Are Not Dead

    By Wendy Xu

    Throughout the collection, Xu's speakers use non sequitur to test the limits of absurdity and...

  • Antidote


    By Corey Van Landingham

    One of the most striking features is Van Landingham’s ability to collapse massive distances within...

  • Dear Darwish

    Dear Darwish

    By Morani Kornberg-Weiss

    As a whole, Kornberg-Weiss’s impulse is to emphasize the relation of one’s purview of histories...

  • Missing the Moon

    Missing the Moon

    By Bin Ramke

    This collection shows us how the poem’s purpose isn’t to contain or reflect or make...

  • Beyond the Chainlink

    Beyond the Chainlink

    By Rusty Morrison

    Morrison's Beyond the Chainlink is a beautifully written collection, as philosophical as it is concrete...

  • Ascension Theory

    Ascension Theory

    By Christopher Bolin

    Ascension Theory, Christopher Bolin’s debut collection, is a negotiation between the poetics of knowing and...

  • Practice on Mountains

    Practice on Mountains

    By David Bartone

    Bartone reveals the contemporary prose poem as inextricable from haiku, haibun, and the spare, image-driven...

  • Mortar


    By Sara Mumolo

    Before getting too deep into Mortar, Sara Mumolo’s first poetry collection, you run into a...