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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Illusion of an Overwhelm

    Illusion of an Overwhelm

    By John Amen

    Resisting single interpretation and clear narrative, John Amen pushes against the conventional through poems that...

  • Partisan of Things

    Partisan of Things

    By Francis Ponge, translated by Joshua Corey and Jean-Luc Garneau

    A necessary new translation of a book that looks deeply and astutely at the nonhuman...

  • Four Reincarnations

    Four Reincarnations

    By Max Ritvo

    Along with tough images from someone facing the end of life, there are generosity and...

  • Cold Pastoral

    Cold Pastoral

    By Rebecca Dunham

    These poems take careful note of the methods by which humans are destroying the Earth,...

  • Surge


    By Opal C. McCarthy

    Men, the poems argue, want a goddess to sleep with, but in doing so may...

  • Rayfish


    By Mary Hickman

    Hickman often sets out to compose her poems with the kind of sobriety that a...

  • Tender Omnibus

    Tender Omnibus

    By Katy Bohinc, Editor

    Tender Buttons Press is most suitably named for/after a text by that great poetry momma...

  • Take This Stallion

    Take This Stallion

    By Anaïs Duplan

    Duplan continues to probe authenticity throughout the book, specifically what it means to be a...

  • American Anger

    American Anger

    By H. L. Hix

    Over the book’s ten sections Hix employs a slew of voices to do his bidding:...

  • Whereas


    By Stephen Dunn

    Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn’s new book of poetry, Whereas, comes out of a life...

  • Skeleton Coast

    Skeleton Coast

    By Elizabeth Arnold

    Where the speaker exposes her vulnerabilities, the reader must connect and piece together. There is...

  • An Ecology of Elsewhere

    An Ecology of Elsewhere

    By Sandra Meek

    Meek takes risks with these poems, testing the boundaries of her sympathy, whether for the...

  • Ghost / Landcape

    Ghost / Landcape

    By Kristina Marie Darling and John Gallaher

    The reader walks a labyrinth, searching for clues, each chapter relinquishing a few while simultaneously...

  • Scarecrow


    By Robert Fernandez

    Fernandez poses an intellectual, referential voice that is continually confounding a consistent line of thought....

  • Divinity School

    Divinity School

    By Alicia Jo Rabins

    Rabins reveals that our gestures allow us to know our bodies, and the emotional associations...

  • The Opposite of Light

    The Opposite of Light

    By Kimberly Grey

    The Opposite of Light offers a momentary glimpse into the shards of a relationship that...

  • A Pillow Book

    A Pillow Book

    By Suzanne Buffam

    Awash in blunt humor and hazy renderings of the quotidian, A Pillow Book is a...

  • Archeophonics


    By Peter Gizzi

    Gizzi is always exacting with his line breaks and in this case uses them to...

  • My Fault

    My Fault

    By Leora Fridman

    Rather than search for absolution, Fridman writes into the complicity, into the fault....

  • The Division of Labor

    The Division of Labor

    By Dot Devota

    There is optimism in this book, but it is an optimism like none I’ve otherwise...

  • Bestiary


    By Donika Kelly

    Kelly’s sentimentality is distorted through trauma, but it is that distortion that draws us in...

  • Burn Lyrics

    Burn Lyrics

    By Benjamin Landry

    Landry has approached the art of erasure in reverse, so that something of the timeless,...