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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Calenday


    By Lauren Halderman

    Haldeman’s poems examine the intricacies of the unknown, the unexpected, and share a first-person diary...

  • Particulars of Place

    Particulars of Place

    By Richard O. Moore

    what is fascinating about this collection is the way it gives us an entire life...

  • The Tulip-Flame

    The Tulip-Flame

    By Chloe Honum

    In this debut collection, the speaker is a ballerina—full of control and beauty, poise and...

  • The Wish Book

    The Wish Book

    By Alex Lemon

    In the end, what I love most about this book is how it drives itself...

  • Think Tank

    Think Tank

    By Julie Carr

    Carr's work is at once philosophical and technically precise in a way that is...

  • The Tranquilized Tongue

    The Tranquilized Tongue

    By Eric Baus

    Presented as a series of compact, carefully crafted prose pieces, this magnificent sequence poses compelling...

  • Four Poetry Books

    Four Poetry Books

    By Moxley; Bouchard; Browne; Meyer

    For as much as poetry concerns itself with the various forms of eternity—Keats’s “A thing...

  • Barely Composed

    Barely Composed

    By Alice Fulton

    This collection travels the breadth of the universe and the human, leaving us searching our...

  • O, Heart

    O, Heart

    By Claudia Keelan

    I have called the book a poetic treatise, but in effect, it is more an...

  • To See the Queen

    To See the Queen

    By Allison Seay

    These are frightening, moving, deeply human poems—poems such as these are sorely needed....

  • Forgiveness Forgiveness

    Forgiveness Forgiveness

    By Shane McCrae

    With that in mind, McCrae's Forgiveness Forgiveness is a highly accomplished and moving collection of...

  • In a Landscape

    In a Landscape

    By John Gallaher

    Gallaher is a master of moving from punchlines to moments of real gravity. Cultural references...

  • My Lorenzo

    My Lorenzo

    By Sebastien Smirou, Translated by Andrew Zawacki

    Smirou takes the possessive pride of appropriation, or rather, personalization, of a historical figure: ...

  • The New Testament

    The New Testament

    By Jericho Brown

    However, The New Testament is not entirely a poetry of witness, either. Made all the...

  • Whelm


    By Dawn Lonsinger

    Within its catalogs of the miscellaneous world, the book finds a cataloging of an observer...

  • Peace


    By Gillian Conoley

    While Conoley’s poetic virtuosity might accept the world and marvel at it, that’s not to...