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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Companion Grasses

    Companion Grasses

    By Brian Teare

    It is a distinct feature of [this] book that it impresses into service both logic...

  • Road Scatter

    Road Scatter

    By Sandra Meek

    Road Scatter, Sandra Meek’s devastating new book of poetry, aches with a sense of loss...

  • Imperial Nostalgias

    Imperial Nostalgias

    By Joshua Edwards

    There is a problem, however, with this Romantic undertaking: the American frontier has long been...

  • Small Porcelain Head

    Small Porcelain Head

    By Allison Benis White

    Small Porcelain Head is filled with beautifully crafted poems...which offer a thought-provoking relationship between form...

  • Sunday Rising

    Sunday Rising

    By Patricia Clark

    It is hard not to recall the deft turns of Mary Oliver in Clark’s work—both...

  • Second Nature

    Second Nature

    By Jack Collom

    "The fact that Collom invites the audience to take part in the work of the...

  • The Final Take

    The Final Take

    By Mario Susko

    In The Final Take, Susko seeks to record something that puts to rest the aftereffects...

  • A Penance

    A Penance

    By CJ Evans

    Evans’s A Penance, though not perfect, challenges readers in a way that requires them to...

  • The Fact of the Matter

    The Fact of the Matter

    By Sally Keith

    There is a set of instructions one should follow before reading Sally Keith’s The Fact...

  • Listening for Earthquakes

    Listening for Earthquakes

    By Jasmine Dreame Wagner

    This poet is an interdisciplinary artist and the visual presentation of Listening for Earthquakes is...

  • Four Chapbooks

    Four Chapbooks

    By Tracy Grinnell; Nancy Kuhl; Jenn McCreary; Susan Schultz

    In that layering of story and persona, these writers engage with the suppleness of female...

  • Grammar


    By Elizabeth Savage

    At turns beautiful and disconcerting, Grammar presents us with a thought-provoking portrayal of language as...

  • Rust or Go Missing

    Rust or Go Missing

    By Lily Brown

    The poems of Lily Brown’s debut full-length collection risk utterances that make belief an appealing,...

  • Enigma and Light

    Enigma and Light

    By David Mutschlecner

    If a poet’s work is words—the words that call forth the sun, that cause the...

  • Negro League Baseball

    Negro League Baseball

    By Harmony Holiday

    Her poems are chronicles that frame their own engagement; in terms of Holiday's kinetic, long...

  • Place: New Poems

    Place: New Poems

    By Jorie Graham

    Every so often, someone comes along who seems to defy neat categories, an American writer...

  • Punchline


    By Nick Courtright

    Nick Courtright’s stunning first collection of poems invokes the everyday as a point of entry...

  • Luminous Epinoia

    Luminous Epinoia

    By Peter O'Leary

    For all the innovation and diversity in contemporary American poetry, there is a lexicon that...

  • A Forgetting Of

    A Forgetting Of

    By Colleen Lookingbill

    A Forgetting Of, by Colleen Lookingbill, is a visionary work that ranges through one woman’s...

  • Bledsoe


    By William Wright

    William Wright’s long narrative poem Bledsoe is immersed in the deep Appalachian South. The opening...