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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • 88 Sonnets

    88 Sonnets

    By Clark Coolidge

    Clark Coolidge is no stranger to crystalline poetic forms. But sonnets? Such a traditional structure...

  • A Conjoined Book

    A Conjoined Book

    By Karla Kelsey

    Those who like to think of poetry as the purest expression of a unified self,...

  • The Next Monsters

    The Next Monsters

    By Julie Doxsee

    The Next Monsters is an accomplished volume, one that's as carefully crafted as it is...

  • The Monarchs

    The Monarchs

    By Melanie Noel

    Noel’s unwavering awareness is so keen and rapt that as it perceives it also exerts...

  • Debts & Lessons

    Debts & Lessons

    By Lynn Xu

    Loving engenders intimacy. The resulting proximity creates space for further loving. Lynn Xu’s song is...

  • The Ecopoetry Anthology

    The Ecopoetry Anthology

    By Eds. Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street

    The Ecopoetry Anthology is a beautifully constructed, carefully planned, and intelligently framed volume. Readers looking...

  • Lost And

    Lost And

    By Jeff Griffin

    Like all good poetry, Lost And keeps us somewhat lost, and therefore looking....

  • Through the Second Skin

    Through the Second Skin

    By Derek Sheffield

    Sheffield’s language is mined from observation and reflection. His imagination is grounded in flora and...

  • Orange Roses

    Orange Roses

    By Lucy Ives

    Lucy Ives does not tell us how to find meaning in our lives, but she...

  • Under the Sign

    Under the Sign

    By Ann Lauterbach

    It turns out that ordinary mortality is the only limit to this openness, and here,...

  • Swamp Isthmus

    Swamp Isthmus

    By Joshua Marie Wilkinson

    The beauty of this collection, formally and thematically, is the brio Wilkinson brings to the...

  • Armor, Amour

    Armor, Amour

    By Amy Pence

    The poems of Armor, Amour reveal a serious mind wrestling with important subjects. The book...

  • Grains of the Voice

    Grains of the Voice

    By Christina Pugh

    This collection is, in essence, an act of singing. Each poem lilts, echoes, trills what...

  • Companion Grasses

    Companion Grasses

    By Brian Teare

    It is a distinct feature of [this] book that it impresses into service both logic...

  • Road Scatter

    Road Scatter

    By Sandra Meek

    Road Scatter, Sandra Meek’s devastating new book of poetry, aches with a sense of loss...

  • Imperial Nostalgias

    Imperial Nostalgias

    By Joshua Edwards

    There is a problem, however, with this Romantic undertaking: the American frontier has long been...