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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • My Lorenzo

    My Lorenzo

    By Sebastien Smirou, Translated by Andrew Zawacki

    Smirou takes the possessive pride of appropriation, or rather, personalization, of a historical figure: ...

  • The New Testament

    The New Testament

    By Jericho Brown

    However, The New Testament is not entirely a poetry of witness, either. Made all the...

  • Snow and Shadow

    Snow and Shadow

    By Dorothy Tse

    Snow and Shadow, translated from Chinese by Nicky Harman, is a restrained—bordering on disinterested—dreamscape that...

  • Families Among Us

    Families Among Us

    By Blake Kimzey

    Kimzey’s collection proposes that we need look no further than our own homes and communities...

  • Whelm


    By Dawn Lonsinger

    Within its catalogs of the miscellaneous world, the book finds a cataloging of an observer...

  • Fat Man and Little Boy

    Fat Man and Little Boy

    By Mike Meginnis

    Mike Meginnis has done something truly remarkable with his debut novel, Fat Man and Little...

  • The Diamond Lane

    The Diamond Lane

    By Karen Karbo

    Karen Karbo’s The Diamond Lane offers a unique and humorous perspective on the materialistic values...

  • In Times of Fading Light

    In Times of Fading Light

    By Eugen Ruge, translated from the German by Anthea Bell

    As Eugen Ruge's novel In Times of Fading Light opens, the year is 2001, the...



    By Rachel Zucker

    “I was afraid to write about my female poetry mentors and was deeply afraid to...

  • Peace


    By Gillian Conoley

    While Conoley’s poetic virtuosity might accept the world and marvel at it, that’s not to...

  • Two Books by Joshua Corey

    Two Books by Joshua Corey

    By Joshua Corey

    While Beautiful Soul's oscillation between fiction and metafiction can seem somewhat slow footed, the rich...

  • Twine


    By David Koehn

    Impressive in their range and arresting in their musicality, the poems are consistently successful....

  • You Good Thing

    You Good Thing

    By Dara Weir

    While Weir’s poems are full of loss and dissolution, they also insist on a presence...

  • You Are Not Dead

    You Are Not Dead

    By Wendy Xu

    Throughout the collection, Xu's speakers use non sequitur to test the limits of absurdity and...

  • Miruna, A Tale

    Miruna, A Tale

    By Bogdan Suceavă

    If the rest of the world were paying attention, we might note that Romania is...

  • Antidote


    By Corey Van Landingham

    One of the most striking features is Van Landingham’s ability to collapse massive distances within...

  • Dear Darwish

    Dear Darwish

    By Morani Kornberg-Weiss

    As a whole, Kornberg-Weiss’s impulse is to emphasize the relation of one’s purview of histories...

  • Missing the Moon

    Missing the Moon

    By Bin Ramke

    This collection shows us how the poem’s purpose isn’t to contain or reflect or make...