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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Without a Net

    Without a Net

    By Ana Maria Shua, translated by Steven J. Stewart

    Trapeze artists and animals. Freaks and clowns. Crowds, high-wires and swallowed swords. In the same...

  • On Sal Mal Lane

    On Sal Mal Lane

    By Ru Freeman

    In this era saturated with polarization: political, religious and economic, where opposing forces take sides...

  • Ghost Moth

    Ghost Moth

    By Michèle Forbes

    Forbes is a master of creating high tension and drama in the simplest of movements...

  • Lotería


    By Mario Alberto Zambrano

    After three years of diligent work, Mario Alberto Zambrano’s first novel, Lotería, provides readers with...

  • Survival Skills

    Survival Skills

    By Jean Ryan

    A greyhound refuses to run. The dog—bred for explosive speed and vicious grace—instead limps and...

  • Boneland


    By Nance Van Winckel

    Capture the flux of three generations across multiple states. Sketch it out in striking images....