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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Survival Skills

    Survival Skills

    By Jean Ryan

    A greyhound refuses to run. The dog—bred for explosive speed and vicious grace—instead limps and...

  • Boneland


    By Nance Van Winckel

    Capture the flux of three generations across multiple states. Sketch it out in striking images....

  • Corporeality


    By Hollis Seamon

    With deceptive quietness, Hollis Seamon's second collection of short stories, Corporeality, offers a penetrating look...

  • Spectacle


    By Susan Steinberg

    The female narrators in Susan Steinberg’s third short story collection, Spectacle, are direct. They confess....

  • The Violet Hour

    The Violet Hour

    By Katherine Hill

    Though reductive and imperfect, it’s not so inaccurate to describe good fiction as the conscientious...

  • What You Are Now Enjoying

    What You Are Now Enjoying

    By Sarah Gerkensmeyer

    Each of Gerkensmeyer’s thirteen stories envisions an altered reality, a place nearly identical to realistic...

  • Georgic


    By Mariko Nagai

    Nagai delves into the extreme cruelty of the pastoral world with as much brutality and...

  • Arthouse


    By Jeffrey DeShell

    Crime novels have always been about the traces crime leaves in the external world and...