Maxine Chernoff asks an important question in her introduction to the Slope Editions Book Prize winner Anamnesis: “What response will the reader have to this malady of words and their impermanence?”

Grief Hut

Despite the growing popularity of shows such as A&E’s Intervention, which seem to have the best intentions at heart for their subjects despite their melodramatic production values, addiction remains a pervasive taboo for most Americans. (That is, of course, unless you are discussing Lindsay Lohan’s latest exploits with your BFF over lattes.) In our milieu […]

The Odds of Being

“Odds” are handicaps that offer a weaker player a chance of winning against a stronger one. In adopting baby Suzhou from China, Daneen Wardrop is doing just that—increasing Suzhou’s odds of survival in a world where girl children may be seen as liabilities.


Emily Wilson draws inspiration from Robert Hooke’s seventeenth-century publication of the same name that details Hooke’s study of microscopy. Both poet and naturalist proceed with the imperative of expanding knowledge;