The Lesser Fields

Winner of the 2009 Colorado Prize for Poetry, selected by James Longenbach “Rob Schlegel has a mind of winter. Like the painter Morandi, who gave him the courage to look at almost nothing for a very long time, Schlegel makes a world of absence and deprivation our world, the world of human mortality feel like […]

One Sun Storm

Winner of the 2008 Colorado Prize for Poetry, selected by Martha Ronk “Endi Bogue Hartigan’s poems are enveloping: one is immersed in experiences of ice drifts, orange peels, and the striving toward a clarity (Let us be clear, one poem reiterates) that crystallizes and then evaporates. Subjects and objects are beautifully combined and confused through […]

Carrier Wave

About the Book: “This, Jaswinder Bolina’s first major volume of poetry, is a brilliant invention. With a delight that in no way denies the desperateness of the palimpsested circumstances in which the world is embedded, Bolina bears witness to ‘the crooning / of our life and times. // The compacted units / The impenetrable whole.’ […]

Frayed escort

About the Book: “Frayed escort puts a speedboat motor in the avant of avant-garde and immediately enters strange waters. Evading every opportunity to be obvious and tedious, the poetry somehow skips beyond even the need to be subtle: it is simply un­imaginably imaginative at every point. The writing is at once lean and fantastic, crisp […]


About the Book: “In agile lines that canyon-open, exposing an unfashionable, edgy sinceritas, Rusty Morrison explores the intertwining of life and language in quiet, gorgeous meditations inflected by barn swallows. Whethering leads us into a shapely attentiveness to those particular others—human, animal, vegetal—that situate our affectual and perceptual experience and call us to find our […]