Children Dug Out of a Parsley Bed

Oxeye daisy with its petal rays, unassuming eyebright’s honey spot. I found a wildflower called Alma Potschke. Lilium, lady’s thumb, rosy pussy toes. Violet patch by bean pot, apple tree. Wild rose on Henry Street. Scent, messages, allusive flower, special name. Great Aunt Violet’s beloved primroses, her exquisite virgin’s bower. Who better understood than any […]

The Hyssop Tub

[hear the author read this piece by clicking this link.]   Then, as Thy self to leapers hast assignd With hyssop, Lord, thy Hyssop purg me so And that shall cleanse the Leapry of my mind Make over me Thy mercys streams to flow So shall my whitness scorn the whitest snow       To eare […]

Upper Level Disturbances

Third in the Mountain West Poetry Series, edited by Stephanie G’Schwind & Donald Revell Kevin Goodan’s poems embody a quiet, incandescent fierceness, fueled by loss but still able to seek and find a place to dwell, despite the upper level disturbances he encounters in the disappearance of rivers, the uncertainty of—and fissures in—language, the elusiveness […]


feature image from wili_hybrid.   fly back what you’ve dealt indelible name, seeds pine needles actually needles stiff as though or large her hands shape white scars in the air in death valley in a lake bed (“the racetrack”) spooky stones dig out tracks (“peripatetic” “ice collars”) war makes its ghosts irritable, all the incursions, […]

It Was a Church Then

feature image from Dougtone. [hear the author read this piece by clicking this link.] It was a church then it was a barn with church windows then it was a photograph of a church-turned-barn. It was a photograph of the church-turned barn no longer standing and the standing of the boy who just woke beside […]