About the Feature

Now I recognize everyone I have ever seen. For instance, on the walk over here I heard two men discussing how hot one of them was one night—the one man thought the other was very hot but the hot-that-night man didn’t think he was at his hottest. I saw one man walking while holding a guitar & singing out of tune. I saw one man with long pantlegs. I saw sky behind the men & stars behind the sky & if I were to close my eyes there’d be nothing in front of me, a chasm awaiting my foot, & I’d fall into the eternal ball-pit of the Chuck E. Cheese & all the workers there on fire, neverdying. Medicine works in a way that: for me, like love, it is faith. And when I think of my lover there is fire & when I put my hand over him I burn.



About the Author

Mathias Svalina is the author of three books. Big Lucks Press will release his book Wastoid in fall of 2014. He is an editor for Octopus Books.

Image by Clément Belleudy