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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • No Grave Can Hold My Body Down

    No Grave Can Hold My Body Down

    By Aaron McCollough

    Against a poetic landscape filled with ironic detachment, Aaron McCollough’s work is refreshingly earnest. No...

  • We Are Pharaoh

    We Are Pharaoh

    By Robert Fernandez

    Robert Fernandez’s ambitious debut, We Are Pharaoh, asks its reader to begin at the “billowing...

  • Kindertotenwald


    By Franz Wright

    “At this point I think you might want to sit down, pour yourselves a drink,...

  • Chinoiserie


    By Karen Rigby

    “At this point I think you might want to sit down, pour yourselves a drink,...

  • Roseate, Points of Gold

    Roseate, Points of Gold

    By Laynie Browne

    Halfway through Roseate, Points of Gold, Laynie Browne appears to offer the key to decoding...

  • Northerners


    By Seth Abramson

    In Northerners, his second collection and winner of the 2010 Green Rose Prize in Poetry...

  • Compendium


    By Kristina Marie Darling

    Compendium means a concise treatment of a vast subject, and this small volume (six inches...

  • The Broken Word

    The Broken Word

    By Adam Foulds

    The Broken Word is at first glance not a complete change of artistic tack. It...

  • Living Must Bury

    Living Must Bury

    By Josie Sigler

    In Living Must Bury, Josie Sigler’s first collection and the winner of the Fence 2010...

  • Also Known As

    Also Known As

    By Elizabeth Robinson

    Much has been written on the subject of identity politics; by contrast, relatively little has...

  • Approaching Ice

    Approaching Ice

    By Elizabeth Bradfield

    Through two chronological poem sequences, Bradfield creates a new kind of log book. She traces...

  • Inside the Ghost Factory

    Inside the Ghost Factory

    By Norman Finkelstein

    Working from photographs and visual memory to create sparse but lyric poems, Norman Finkelstein’s newest...

  • The Irrationalist

    The Irrationalist

    By Suzanne Buffam

    Original, inventive: we want our poets to be bold. We want the poems to add...

  • Ozalid


    By Biswamit Dwibedy

    The spirit of Gertrude Stein’s inquisitions into structure hovers over the opening of Biswamit Dwibedy’s...

  • The Dandelion Clock

    The Dandelion Clock

    By Daniel Tiffany

    Daniel Tiffany's highly musical collection The Dandelion Clock presents Middle English phrases alongside song lyrics,...

  • Hollow Out

    Hollow Out

    By Kelsea Habecker

    Surviving the arctic winter, dealing with a relationship pulling apart, and living in an Inupiat...