Look, “Selections from Colorado Review” has a few ground rules if you and it are going to take this relationship seriously—just before you get any ideas, okay? SFCR is in this to provide you, the internet-savvy, literature-loving consumer, with fresh poetry and prose from the pages of Colorado Review every month. That’s it. So no funny business, right?

Not even when it tells you that November’s guest is Caroline Arden, reading her story “Yolo County” from the Summer 2011 issue, all right? We’re clear?

So, like, listen, sure, but SFCR is going to have a say in how you listen, if you know what it means. You could download the podcast directly, if you’re that kind of person, but Selections from Colorado Review thinks commitment is important, so consider subscribing on iTunes to get this and all future episodes of the podcast delivered directly to you. It just wants to know that you’ll be there for it, is all.