Listen—a clatterin’ in the distance. The cattle were restless today; that old sheepdog gave a plaintive howl.

“I know this sound,” murmured Ole Sal. “‘Tis ‘Selections from Colorado Review‘, the cattle-rustlinest podcast ever to deliver fresh poetry and prose from Colorado Review round these parts. Reckon by the sound of it they brought some nonfiction with them, this month. ‘Boys School,’ perhaps. Summer 2011 issue. Andrew D. Cohen.”

Reckon I ain’t heard so many words from Ole Sal in a row since the flood took Aunt Mae-Ellen, but hand on the good book I tell you he held up three stubby fingers and plowed on. “I suppose a boy needs to learn these lessons hisself. You could download the podcast at this link and listen to it right in your web browser, but I declare that a real man ought have his future in mind and subscribe to this and all future episodes of the podcast on iTunes. Provide for his family, so long as he’s got it.”

Suppose so. That old sheepdog was howling his mournful tune once more, but I reckon I’d already put my headphones in.