About the Feature


In my youth, I craved the small picture,

the autistic strung-out
hearts of ivy, star jasmine,

the “on and on”
without budging.

I liked Russian icons,

within circles in

the virgin’s halo,
the way her cloak

matched the sky which
was not the sky at all.


Now I see
that the outsized “personalities”

of our day,
the Brad and Angies,

have the blurred, grainy texture
indicative of stretching.

We get a faint ping
when we focus on these objects.


“An electron
is an excitation

in an electron field,”

a permanent tizzy
in the presence of


Like thought
it creates the ground
it covers,

like thought,
it can’t stop

About the Author

Rae Armantrout's book Versed won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Her next book, Money Shot, will be published by Wesleyan in early 2011.