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Friends, countrymen, one of these men is lying and though we
care for one another, we’ll never agree about which one it is.

The smile of lying and the smile of catching another in a lie are
identical smiles.

Friends, countrymen.

Let us turn to the metaphysical sublime: should we raise the
mother to the dignity of the “thing”? I need my glasses. I need
my girls.

Friends, countrymen: the choice is clear before us: intense wind
through the night setting off sirens down the avenues, sirens
in the cars. I dreamed myself back to childhood, as if in a self
made of sand.

Made of sand on fire.

Though so rarely do we speak of love.

About the Author

Julie Carr is the author of six books of poetry and one book of criticism. Her most recent books are 100 Notes on Violence (Ahsahta), Rag (Omnidawn), and Think Tank (forthcoming in early 2015 from Solid Objects). She lives in Denver and teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder.