About the Feature

Oxeye daisy with its petal rays,
unassuming eyebright’s
honey spot.

I found a wildflower
called Alma Potschke.

Lilium, lady’s thumb, rosy
pussy toes. Violet patch
by bean pot, apple tree.
Wild rose on Henry Street.

Scent, messages, allusive
flower, special name.

Great Aunt Violet’s beloved
primroses, her exquisite
virgin’s bower.

Who better understood
than any specialist
in salad?

Who better knew the fluted
edge, the floret-eyes,
the husbandry of bees?

Great Aunt Emily!
Her sepal and petal!

These repositories
of gemmy meaning
elliptically and privately
steal influence.


Your thickets of notes,
sips and drops: a few
common flowers of speech.

Jesse, your buttercups,
anemones, etc.

About the Author

Analucia DaSilva lives and writes in California’s Bay Area.