About the Book:

“Sally Keith’s gift to us is an experience of the world rich and intensely present to mind: simple because fully known, as if for the first time; and also complex because profoundly analyzed, not by means of abstraction but by a visionary intimacy with the texture and grain of feeling. This is poetry of a very high order.”

Allen Grossman, author of The Sighted Singer and The Philosopher’s Window

“The poetry of Design arcs between radiant acts of attention wherein Keith displays a brilliant, phenomenological turn of mind, as well as a capacity to sustain a lyrical interrogation of perception, faith, form, the architecture of flight, the fragility of matter. The vision is fractal, the language painterly. There is little of the contemporary poetic vernacular here, but rather a transcription of mind as is found in the journals of Hopkins and Dickinson. She is that interesting, and this is an exemplary debut.” – Carolyn Forch√©, author of The Angel of History and The Country Between Us

About the Author:

Sally Keith grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, and was educated at Bucknell University and the University of Iowa. Her poems have appeared in many journals, including American Letters and Commentary, Colorado Review, Field, Quarterly West, and Ohio Review. She currently lives in Iowa City.