This is a bonus episode of  “Selections from Colorado Review.”

Do not be alarmed by its presence. Do not attempt to fight it. Do not attempt to destroy it immediately lest it destroy you first, because by waiting long enough you will be able to confirm that it has no designs on destroying you at all. Simply click on this link and be carried away by the melodious voice of poet Laynie Browne, reading her “You Can Enter a World” and “How to Do Your Job by Doing Something Else” from the Summer 2011 issue of Colorado Review.

That is why this bonus episode of “Selections from Colorado Review” is here, in front of you. If you are sufficiently not-alarmed by it, consider subscribing to the podcast for free on iTunes by clicking on this link, whereupon an episode carrying fresh poetry or prose from the pages of Colorado Review will be delivered right to your computer or music player without you having to do anything else at all.

These will not, usually, be bonus episodes, but they are their own kind of bonus, if you think about this in a broader sense.