By Colorado Review Editorial Assistant Dan Moore

Consider, if you will, some of the situations in which it is typically dangerous to read a literary journal: while driving, while jogging,  while attempting to impress all your new-media friends with your casual disdain for paper content-delivery systems. For these scenarios, among others, we at Colorado Review present Episode One of “Selections  from Colorado Review,” a podcast in which we’ll feature some of the writers whose work appears in recent issues, reading their own work directly to you while you busy yourself with driving, jogging, or hobnobbing.

Episode One features 2010 Colorado Prize for Poetry winner Zach Savich,  reading his poem “There Is Nothing That Is Not Green” from the Spring 2011 issue. You can download it directly right here, but if you’d like to receive future episodes automatically  we’d love for you to subscribe through iTunes or paste our podcast’s RSS feed into your podcasting software of choice.