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Letter from Nine Mile

Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

Outside my window, a crane breaks / the last jigsaws of ice. Morning comes, / it always does, the rabbits scurry down / their narrow holes to live their underground lives.

Impossible Map out of the Basement

Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

What have I // transferred to you, dear listener? Is this / our odyssey together, or have I hitched you // to my now-naked side? I am sorry. Maybe.


Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

How their faces were cut out / then cinched in the center with a drawstring // And how all my ideas, dilemmas, doubts / I held most dear would be erased in five days’ time

From Destruction of Man

Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

with the wainscoting of the field / peopled with crapped out rigs / just some boil wheel ass half implements improving / towards a satisfaction the bog bug bites on / one defamed mange face wanderer

Marvels of the Invisible

Nov, 10 2017 | no responses

Molberg refuses to parse the usual polarities of religion and the natural world. She seeks to bring the two together, searching for the places and ideas that link them. . . .

Instead of Dying

Nov, 03 2017 | no responses

Selected by Susan Howe for the 2017 Colorado Prize for Poetry, Instead of Dying, Lauren Haldeman’s second book, invokes spiders and senators, physicists and aliens—decodes the world of death with a powerful mix of humor, epiphany, and agonizing grief. In the spirit of Calvino’s Invisible Cities, these poems compulsively imagine alternate realities for a lost [...]

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