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Dropping Death

Apr, 17 2018 | no responses

The very privacy of these poems is charged with a sense of another’s presence. In the midst of the first poetic salvo, a long sequence stretched over short, taut lines,

Because Everything Is Terrible

Apr, 05 2018 | no responses

These are urgent poems, made all the more urgent by the apocalyptic-feeling political landscape we’ve entered.

Buck Studies

Apr, 04 2018 | no responses

Kearney keeps finding new ways to collage on the level of the sonic, semantic, visual, orthographic, linguistic, grammatical, and political.

I will not kick my friends

Apr, 03 2018 | no responses

Winter balances insight with compassion, and reaches for the ineffable with humility and courage, so that her investigations become our own.

Bright Raft in the Afterweather

Mar, 27 2018 | no responses

Make no mistake; these are ecological poems, but not of an idyllic moment void of our mark. We are equally part of nature, and our separation has been our folly. What is our story?

Sleep Paralysis

Mar, 26 2018 | no responses

Like the best ecopoetry of our age, Sleep Paralysis teaches us to pay attention to the signs of the time: to the endangered animals and human animals that have been reduced to phantoms of their former selves.

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