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May, 22 2017 | no responses

Hickman often sets out to compose her poems with the kind of sobriety that a surgeon has to maintain during an operation.

Tender Omnibus

May, 08 2017 | no responses

Tender Buttons Press is most suitably named for/after a text by that great poetry momma of modernism: Gertrude Stein. The Press’s “Founding Editrix” Lee Ann Brown describes

Take This Stallion

May, 01 2017 | no responses

Duplan continues to probe authenticity throughout the book, specifically what it means to be a “real” woman.

Fireworks in the Graveyard

Apr, 24 2017 | no responses

Joy Ladin faces the relentlessness of our most vexing riddles with grace, musicality, and wry humor.

American Anger

Apr, 10 2017 | no responses

Over the book’s ten sections Hix employs a slew of voices to do his bidding: some destitute and despondent, others liquored-up and looking to fight.


Apr, 03 2017 | no responses

Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn’s new book of poetry, Whereas, comes out of a life examined but also beckons the reader to examine their own life, asks us to believe “the future has a chance.”

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