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Fireworks in the Graveyard

Apr, 24 2017 | no responses

Joy Ladin faces the relentlessness of our most vexing riddles with grace, musicality, and wry humor.

American Anger

Apr, 10 2017 | no responses

Over the book’s ten sections Hix employs a slew of voices to do his bidding: some destitute and despondent, others liquored-up and looking to fight.


Apr, 03 2017 | no responses

Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn’s new book of poetry, Whereas, comes out of a life examined but also beckons the reader to examine their own life, asks us to believe “the future has a chance.”

Skeleton Coast

Mar, 27 2017 | no responses

Where the speaker exposes her vulnerabilities, the reader must connect and piece together. There is intimacy in this kind of exercise, for the act of reading is also a process of marking and being marked by language.

Emergen(ce) of Feeling

Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Lightning is God / taking pictures of the victims. The present, like your elbow, / bends just one direction.


Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Listen. The moon could / slice through this dark, this / thick water, that which looks / like dark here

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