On Tact, & the Made Up World

Michele Glazer’s new collection, On Tact, & the Made Up World, finds the author experimenting with a more sentimental mode, moving out of the strange and intuitive observations in her previous work and into a voice that seems to be less trustful of language, less precise in its vision, and more engaged with the subtle opacities of communication.

Hollow Out

Surviving the arctic winter, dealing with a relationship pulling apart, and living in an Inupiat community that is struggling to maintain its identity are the themes that intersect in Kelsea Habecker’s Hollow Out.


Eschaton by Michael Heller, published by Talisman House, is a collection of largely philosophically discursive poems, many of which are, perhaps, rendered in too much of a conversational tone for a thorough appreciation of them.


Maxine Chernoff asks an important question in her introduction to the Slope Editions Book Prize winner Anamnesis: “What response will the reader have to this malady of words and their impermanence?”