It Was a Church Then

feature image from Dougtone. [hear the author read this piece by clicking this link.] It was a church then it was a barn with church windows then it was a photograph of a church-turned-barn. It was a photograph of the church-turned barn no longer standing and the standing of the boy who just woke beside […]


William Wright’s long narrative poem Bledsoe is immersed in the deep Appalachian South. The opening sections trace young Durant Bledsoe’s strange encounter with a yellow king snake and his parents’ efforts to lift the resulting sickness that has rendered the boy mute and timid. Later sections of Bledsoe take Bledsoe and his mother up to a mountain den to see Vaney, a medicine woman.


[hear the author read this piece by clicking this link.] Dream of the attic. Light pours through a lonely window. Everywhere crevices. A pool of old rain. You say, where there is water there are wolves. Spiders are drawn to piles of skin. Attics are lovely in the morning, though. Whatever wolves are lurking must […]

The Other Half

Again they can’t find anything In the pantry (even when you point Or turn on the light) they keep The heat Down to save All they have and they have A dog that keeps them Up at night (and other concerns Like where to bury Their landslide eyes At dusk) and dusk Means helping them […]

I Want to Make You Safe

I Want to Make You Safe is the follow-up to 2009’s Slaves to Do These Things (BlazeVOX) and a maturation of its logic. The books are linked formally and thematically, though I Want to Make You Safe demonstrates a sharpened sense of King’s style, which she uses to perform surgery on the subject and the object.