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A History of Nomadism

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

My family didn’t move to these places, but their shapes, their possible breaths, bumped against my own history, my immediate future, parallel universes that might suddenly rope around my present, palpitating self.

Deep Salt Water

Jan, 18 2018 | no responses

Deep Salt Water is neither political nor didactic; rather, it is a text that transcends genre and uses the ocean and the life that exists within it as a lexicon for the necessary act of forgiveness.

The Grammar of Untold Stories

Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

We were going to visit Budapest for a vacation. “As long as we’re there, we could visit your grandmother’s village,” he said. “Maybe do a little research. You might find a family member who still lives there.”

Ordinary Skin: Essays from Willow Springs

Oct, 10 2017 | no responses

Collectively, Auker’s essays and prose poems describe both the prying loose of norms that have structured her life and the emergence of a vibrant woman who seeks out wild places.

I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well

Jul, 03 2017 | no responses

Reading this work gives the reader an uncanny sensation that Hall is not just presenting essays about the events of his life, but also mapping the typology of his soul.

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